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Crafting requires collaboration! Your help updating these pages is appreciated.

The Crafting system on 3K is a new and versatile addition to the grinding life. There's something to appeal to all types of players, and something to frustrate and pique everyone's curiosity.


  • Mining generates raw materials. Predominantly, these are ores. Occasionally, you get special mining drops: dusts, shards, and jewels (collectively referred to as goodies). Also, Miners can turn ores into bars (by smelting).
  • Enchanting uses fragments and goodies to generate uncharged gems. Enchanters can take an ore and have a chance to turn it into a goodie (trying this dests the ore in any case).
  • Wrangling uses uncharged gems and chaos essences from the mobs wranglers kill to generate charged gems.
  • Smithing uses bars, goodies, fragments, and charged gems to produce weapons and armor.
  • Farming generates foodstuffs for use in cooking.
  • Cooking uses foodstuffs from farming and produces consumable food and drink.


If you choose to dedicate the time to all of the professions you can reach the maximum crafting level

  • In all 6 at Level 32.
  • Additionally, 4 of those at Level 65.
  • Additionally, 2 of those at Level 89.
  • Additionally, 1 of those at Level 100.

You do not need to join every profession, and the advancement of an individual profession is not tied to your other professions. Also, advancing past these threshold points is not an absolute commitment -- you can roll back to them if you change your mind and want to focus on a different profession.


  • Mining takes time, and you have to fight off mobs in the mines (which are pretty little mobs at the easy levels, and harder as you progress in levels of mining).
  • Enchanting and Smithing just take a little time beyond the material gathering, and a small amount of money to do each crafting.
  • Wrangling doesn't incur any cost as such -- you just kill mobs as usual, don't even lose the corpse. I suppose you might find yourself killing otherwise-non-optimal mobs to have the right size for charging the gem in question.
  • Farming spends coins on farming supplies, which are important to successfully growing stuff. Also a decent chunk of time, and you have to experiment to figure the puzzle of how to grow stuff.
  • Cooking just takes a little time beyond the material gathering.

Playstyle of the Top

  • Mining is pretty grindy, and has no prereqs. It takes a chunk of time. You have to fight off mobs, which aren't that BS until the master level mines, and are underclassed. Downstream professions need a lot of mined components to work. Good for people patient with the grindyness who don't mind having less-than-optimum g/xp time.
  • Enchanting is pretty much 'gather the stuff and it works'. You'll need to deal with people who gather the world drop fragments. Requires social skills and/or lots of money to buy or barter for fragments.
  • Wrangling, you get to fight mobs as normal. You'll want to make a Db of mobs and how 'big' they are for knowing how much they'll charge up a gem. At the high end, you'll want to fight big mobs to charge the big gems.
  • Smithing is pretty much 'gather the stuff and it works'. You'll need suppliers, though more from the mining/wrangling side than the fragment side. Similar to enchanting in that regard. Good if you want/need to control the production of actual armor/weapons.
  • Farming is a complex puzzle. You'll see when you poke at it. Suited to people who like figuring complex puzzles, especially if they're willing to join forces with similarly-minded people.
  • Cooking is like farming, but some less so. But since you need farmed foodstuffs to cook, you'll likely want to do both if focusing on one.


The Crafting area is located in north western Pinnacle. It is north,west,north,north,north of the Center Of Town. Here you will find Chavee, the npc where you can join the crafting guild and get a satchel. This satchel is an auto-loading items that you can stash components in to persist them over reboots. Finished products (armors, weapons, cooked foods, and charged gems) can not be stashed.

Exchanging Services

  • craft is the chatline where questions, swaps, sales, etc can be arranged.
  • cBay - The Consignment Shop. This room is located east of Chavee. There you can list 50 components for sale. Components and coins earned persist over boot until they sell; you unconsign; or in the case of money, cashout. There is also a donation box there if you're just looking to free up some space in your satchel or scavenge for free components.
  • C-Trade, run by the CCC (Coordinated Crafter's Consortium). See the CCC and C-Trade pages for details. Besides an exchange board, the CCC offers a convenient listing of people in various professions whom you can contact, free prospecting, free enchanting, free smithing, some free fragment swaps, and brokerage/market-making in a number of items.
  • Wiki Fragment Market is hosted here and provides a place to list what you may be looking for. Hopefully, it is a bit less hit-or-miss than just asking on the craft line.

Client Plugins

  • cMud clickable stashlist was made by Etah. It is available in the package library within cMud.
  • [CraftingUI for MushClient] was made by Spellbound.

Feature Requests

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