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Welcome to the Wiki Fragment Market of 3Kingdoms!

This market is exclusively for the buying/selling/trading of fragments , essences and hearts that are used in the 3k crafting system. The purpose of this page is for players to edit the appropriate section to list their trading interests. Please adhere to the proper format and rules so this can be as efficient and effective as possible. Feel free to contact Joku for thanks or suggestions regarding this page.

How it works:

  • Want to Buy

In this category you will find the appropriate section and list how many fragments you desire and what you are willing to pay/trade for them. For example, let's say I wanted to buy 3 fragments of light and am willing to pay 20k per fragment or trade a fragment of rage/shadow/water for one. I would go to the Want to Buy category and scroll down to the Light section. In this section I would write: Joku(3) (20k/ra/sh/wa)

  • Proper Format

Character Name(# of frags desired) (money #(k)/fragment abbreviations)

For example if I wanted to buy 13 fragments and I am willing to trade 20k or fragments of ascension, light and willy for them then I would write this:

Joku(13) (20k/as/li/wi)

  1. Fragment abbreviations are always the first two letters of the fragment name. (please list alphabetically)
  2. Money listings are PER FRAGMENT. If you list 20k then that means you will pay 20k per fragment.
  3. If you are not interested in trading for money then just list the fragments. Don't write 0 or 0k.
  4. If you wish to trade for any fragment then write "any" in the fragment section. (only if you have at least one of every single fragment type)
  5. You can substitute "any except frag/frag/etc" if it is shorter. (ex. "any except as/li/sh")
  6. You can include a brief note after you have satisfied the proper format as long as it does not cause your entry to be longer than one line.

Note: Feel free to use the name section as a link to your user page as long as you don't break the format.

  • Rules
    1. Do not edit anyone's information without a direct request from such person.
    2. Only one request entry per line to promote neatness and ease of viewing.
    3. Always place your name at the bottom of the list.
    4. List your fragment abbreviations alphabetically.
    5. When your trade request becomes satisfied or void, update your listings as soon as possible.
    6. Do your best to disregard any communist's requests for trading.

Want to Buy


Joku(all) (5k)





Joku (lots)(10k/all except de/kn/li)



Joku (lots)(10k/all except kn/li)


Joku (lots)(10k/all except de/li)

Nauda (3) (10k/As/Bl/Da/Li/Mi/Ra/Re/Sh/Un/Wa)