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We've got skills in mudlib now, so we ought to share the results of our experimentation. This page is for any mud-level effects of skills. If you want to comment on a guild-specific effect of a mud skill, put it some guild-specific file.

PLEASE DO NOT put information about skill trainers here, as some people would prefer not to be spoiled.

Instead, put that in the Skill Trainers page.

Mud skills are accessed under the commands 'skills' or 'mskills'. You can advance them using 'advance'.



Reduces your fees for using the auction house.

Awareness (3s only)

  • Allows you to see what player a monster/creature is attacking.

Level 1 allows you to see when you are being attacked.

Level 2 lets you note when any player is the object of an NPC's fury.


  • Allows you to increase the usefulness of your cardinal minimap (upper right corner of game).

Level 1 of the skill displays not only directions from your current room, but also the rooms nearby along your current line of sight. (w/s/n/e/d/u/etc)

Level 2 of the skill allows you to also see living creatures in nearby rooms. (players as green, monsters as pink)

Level 3 of the skill gives you an extremely useful for mapping skill called 'lineofsight', (yes, thats one word) that displays(after typing command) a larger minimap of your surrounding areas. (also see 'help lineofsight' in game)

(You can also see similar info in game using the 'help adventuring.cartography' command)


  • Gives you a ~5% chance / point to avoid being tracked by hunting monsters.
  • Has a chance to fire every round that the mob attempts to hunt you. It's not just on the first round.
  • Also decreases the cooldown for the glimpse power.
  • Can be toggled off and on with "evasion", in case you want a monster to hunt you.


  • Increases the amount of money you're able to shake out of the pockets of a fallen adversary by ~5% / point.

You need to strike the killing blow for it to work. It also now works with Mage summons (thanks Rast!).


  • Gives you a chance to find gems in otherwise uninteresting rooms. (see also 'search'). The main purpose of these gems is that you can sell them to any shopkeeper for coins. Please note that the gems you find via gemology are completely distinct from the jewels mined by miners and the gems crafted by enchanters inside the Crafting guild.


  • Gives you a chance to identify items just by picking them up.
  • Allows the identification of guild artifacts:
    • Level 3 - Gives the ability to recognize guild artifacts when found.
    • Level 4 - Alerts you when someone has found a guild artifact belonging to your guild.
    • Level 5 - Alerts you as to who has found a guild artifact belonging to your guild.

Higher charisma seems to increase your chance of identification.

Mysticism (3k only)

Improves the power of wands, along with a chance of extra free charges.



  • Allows you to 'cache' items, which allows you to stash items in a room that only you can find. The higher your skill is, the more items you can cache and the more rooms you can cache them in.
  • Per Rasta, the cache does NOT clear when the room unloads. So this can basically be used as your own personal box.


  • Increases your carrying capacity through more efficient packing and load balancing.

A necromancer reported about 3 preserved corpses per point of Carrying.


  • Allows you to conceal ('smuggle') items in a special pocket that only you can see.(think permanent bag that weighs nothing)

Level 1 allows ten items.

Level 2 allows ten more items.

SYNTAX: smuggle - list any currently smuggled items

       smuggle [item] -smuggles [item] into your pocket
       smuggle remove [item] -removes [item] from pocket
       smuggle remove all -removes all smuggled items from pocket

(also see 'help smuggle' in-game)


  • Allows you to see what monsters/creatures are carrying. You can always see worn/wielded items, this helps you see the rest. Level 3 brings you the 'glimpse' command. Each level gives a greater chance of identifying ghostly items held by monsters.


  • Allows you a directed wimpy, 50% chance at 1/3 skill, 75% at 2, and 100% at fully trained.

Spirituality (3k only)

Shows an indication on your score of your current alignment with increasing accuracy.

Streetsmarts (3k only)

Increases the chance you will manage to stop someone stealing items from your inventory.


  • Allows you to create food from 'butcher'ing fallen corpses. Higher skill levels reduce weight and make food baggable.
  • The corpses of creatures you kill decay at a much slower rate.
  • Each point of Survival adds 1 to the size of your personal coffin.
  • Decreases the cooldown for the glimpse power.

Swimming (3k only)

Gives you swimming ability and at level 3 underwater breathing. This can be turned on and off with the command 'swimming'.



Appraisal (3k only)

Shows the damage types that a piece of armour is resistant to when you examine it. Also gives an indication of how long worn armour will last. Higher levels show increasingly accurate information.

Appraisal Levels: poor, ok, decent, good, very good, impressive, very impressive, incredible

Light, ... : Medium, ... : Heavy

  • These skills allow you to wear armours (aka mains, aka the heavy body slot) and breastplates. The lower levels allow wearing weaker armours/breastplates. If you are capable of wearing a main or a breastplate, you probably want all three levels of this.

To train medium, one must train light first. To train heavy, one must train both medium and light. The syntax is:

advance combat.armor.light

advance combat.armor.light.medium

advance combat.armor.light.medium.heavy

Maintenance (3k only)

  • Helps you maintain the state of your armor, reducing how quickly it degrades through combat.


  • Increases your chance to penetrate the resistances of your enemy with any attack, guild or otherwise.

Armor slots (3k only)

Boots, Breastplate, Cloak, Gloves, Greaves, Helm, Main Replacement of proficiency with individual slots- appears to give the same kind of effect with finer grain control

Proficiency (3s only)

  • This skill improves the resistances (AC) of main armours (the Heavy Body slot, including partial mains, such as breastplates).

It would seem that this improves each resistance separately. Thus, mains with a broad range of resistances will benefit more than those with few. [How much benefit do you get?]


  • This skill allows you to use shields (if your guild allows you to).


  • If you're holding a shield this gives you a 0.5% chance per skill point of blocking a melee strike.


  • Increases the resistances of shields when you use them.


Attack speed

  • Allows you to get an extra melee attack periodically.

An extra mud-attack every five or six rounds.

Critical hit

  • Gives any and all of your attacks, melee, spell, or otherwise, a chance to do additional damage.


  • Grants you added ability to do damage with and avoid damage from certain damage types.

On the offense side, this affects all damage (including from guild attacks). On the defense side, this is increased resistance, not dodge/defense.


  • Grants added offense and defense with fire and ice.


  • Grants added offense and defense with mind and energy.


  • Grants added offense and defense with acid and poisons.


  • Grants added offense and defense with electricity and radiation.


  • Allows you to dodge melee strikes.

(I know you're shocked to hear it).

Advancing this skill increases your dodge chance by 0.5%. So 5 points increase your chance to dodge by 2.5%.

The emote is "You nimbly dodge [whatever]'s attack." It defaults to yellow ansi. See help skills for the ansivar.


  • Allows you to gain greater information about your foes.
  • Level 1 shows whether the mob have specials/spells.
  • Level 2 displays the mob's basic attack damage type information.
  • Level 3 displays health percentage for the current mob (if your guild has implemented this on your hpbar, and it is scannable).
  • Level 4 "gives you even more than that". Specifically, shows health of any scannable mob. It adds the health as a percentage to the short description of the mob. When you look in a room you will see every mob and their health. I think this (if not this, it's some mskill) changes attacked messages (being hit by mobs) so that the damage type is reflected by the color. The color matches the color on the resistances line of the "score" or "eq" commands.


Free cast

  • Chance that a cast spell, or spell point using ability will be reduced or zero cost.

Magic Resistance

  • Gives you a chance to avoid damage from spells.

??? Wonder what is considered a spell here? An attack doing non-physical damage? An SP-using ability?

- On mobs, a 'spell' seems to be any type of non-melee attack (ie. emotive attacks).

Weapons (weapon types)

  • Axe, Bow, Dagger, Exotic, Gun, Lance, Mace, Polearm, and Sword all improve your damage when wielding a weapon of the appropriate type. Each can be trained up to 5.
  • Bare Hands improves your damage when not wielding a weapon. Note this skill can be trained to 10.

Training these skills to 'full' you can expect to see slightly better damage emotes when wielding quality weapons.

(Note, we only expect these skills to affect mud melee attacks, not guild attacks.)

Weapons (two-handed)

  • Axe and Sword have a follow-on skill of Two-Handed, at a a cost of a single point.

??? Does this allow wielding 2H weapons at all? Allow you to apply your Sword or Axe skill bonus to the 2H variety? The latter seems more likely.

Weapons (damage types)

  • Axe, 2H Axe, Bow, Dagger, Exotic, Lance, Polearm, Sword, and 2H Sword all support further specialization by damage type, if you think you'll be using a particular weapon more than a range of weapons. All improve the damage from wielding that type of weapon only if it does that type of damage. Again, trainable up to 5.
  • You have to have max skill in a weapon class (like Polearm) before these subskills open.

Disciplines (3k only)

Other (3k only)

Bonus damage to a weapon's non-physical damage.

Physical (3k only)

Bonus damage to a weapon's edged & blunt damage.

Two-handed (3k only)

Allows you to train in two-handed weapon subskills.

Crafting (3k only)

Blacksmith (3k only)

Increases the likelihood you will create higher quality items. Level 2 ensures you will never have a loss of quality while blacksmithing, and level 5 cuts the time to blacksmith an item in half.

Chaos Wrangler (3k only)

Increases your collection efficiency and increases the likelihood that you will not consume an entrapment attempt. Level 2 increases the number of rounds for you to entrap, and level 5 gives you a chance to turn a gem explosion into a crack.

Chef (3k only)

Increases the likelihood you will create a masterpiece and increases the effective duration of any food you make. Level 2 increases the amount of informational feedback you get when you eat the food, and level 5 increases that yet again.

Enchanter (3k only)

Increases the chance you will prospect successfully and increases the likelihood you will create higher quality items. Level 2 ensures you will never have a loss of quality while enchanting and level 5 allows you to target your prospect for a specific treasure.

Farmer (3k only)

Increases the range of tolerance for growing plants. Level 2 increases the success of growth significantly and level 5 gives you much more accurate and succinct feedback while growing.

Miner (3k only)

Increases the likelihood of successfully spelunking a node and increases your smelting efficiency. Level 2 reduces the likelihood of spelunking a monster, and level 5 allows you to target your mining for a specific treasure.


Counterpoise (3k only)

Allows you to temporarily move points from one stat to another using the command 'counterpoise'.

>counterpoise 10 from <stat> to <stat>

Up to 10 stat points can be shifted (at 4/4).

The counterpoised stats only have a 50% up-time, with a 3 hour duration and a 6 hour cool-down on the ability. (Although, since the counterpoised stats' duration is based on active time, and the cool-down is in real time, it's possible to have multiple instances of counterpoise rolling.)


  • Increases your natural SP regeneration.

On testing, appears to be 1/rnd on average (1-3 sp every 1-3 rounds) if you max this skill.


  • Increases your maximum hit points by 1% per point of Fortitude.


  • This skill helps you process food and drink faster.

??? How long does it take to get from completely stuffed to able to eat tons (falling down drunk to sober, back teeth floating to able to drink tons) normally, and with this skill maxed?

Reflex (3k only)

Allows you to trigger custom actions when your HP/SP/GP1 or GP2 dip below levels you set. Higher skill levels offer more reflexes.

Level 1: 2 actions
Level 2: 3 actions
Level 3: 5 actions

Configure your reflexes using the 'reflex' command.

Syntax : reflex <add/remove> <hp/sp/gp1/gp2> <number/%> <command>
Number can begin with greater than(>) or less than(<)
E.G. reflex add hp 50% say Ack, only half HP left!
reflex remove sp 350
reflex add gp1 >50% say Woo, I have more than 50% Guild Points!
  • Balthus says this fire per round (confirm?)


  • Increases your natural HP regeneration.

Without any skill, your base mud regen is 1 HP/SP every 11 rounds.

This appears to raise HP regen to 1/rnd on average (about 1-3 HP every 1-3 rounds) if you max this skill.


  • Increases your maximum spell points by 2% per point. (This used to say 1%, and I've only confirmed 2% for mages, but I'm guessing it's 2% (on 3k) since the mskill recode.)

Vigor (3k only)

Increases your resistance and chance of recovery when you catch any infectious diseases.