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Crafting requires collaboration! Your help updating these pages is appreciated.

You work the mines. You gather ores and shards of various metals, jewels and jewel dust all of various qualities.

While mining you will encounter mobs, these mobs will hunt and will get larger and more powerful as you plunge deeper into the mines. You will find better metal ores/shards and jewels as you go down further into the mines.

The basics:

  • find the mines, talk to the miner, join the miners.
  • walk around, spelunk in every room, kill any monsters you disturb and mine every deposit you find. (repeat)

More info: You'll want to look at the deposits you find from spelunking. The description will show the minimal skill level required to mine that deposit, the trival level tells you that you can go ahead and mine that deposit but you will no longer advance your mining skills doing so.


The ore that miners smelt into bars. Smelting bars in batch seems to 'average' out the quality of the bars. If you want the best quality bars, only smelt the best quality ores in one pot. There is some loss in the smelting process. Smelting 1 batch of 20 ores results in more bars than 10 batches of 2 ores (in general). Smiths will use the bars to make weapons and armors.

Enchanters can prospect ores in order to find shards or jewels inside that you may have missed during mining. The ore is destroyed whether you find a jewel or not. The found jewel will be of the same quality as the ore prospected. For example, a good copper ore may result in a good copper shard while a superior copper ore may yield a superior copper shard.

Ore Information

Below is a table where you will find information about all the ore types. The required mining clvl to begin mining that ore is denoted 'Minimum Skill' and the point at which you will no longer gain CXP from mining that ore is caleld 'Trivial Skill'. You will also find the mine level on which each type of ore deposit is found.

Smelt Ratio is a collaborative attempt to find the absolute best smelt ratio for each ore type. For example if we find that the best ratio for a specific ore is 0.64, then we can be assured that smelting in batches of 25 ore will result in minimal loss, as compared to smelting in batches of say 35.
NOTE that with recent smelting changes, these numbers will be different for everyone. You now increase smelt ratio simply by smelting more.


Used by smiths for armours.

Used by enchanters too.

Enchanters can prospect ores in order to find extra shards hidden inside that you may have missed during mining! This destroys the ore whether it succeeds or not.

Jewels and Dust

Jewels are used by Enchanters along with fragments, essences, and hearts; to make gems for Wranglers to charge. These empowered gems can then be used by Smiths to craft armours and weapons, or by anyone to enhance existing armours and weapons.

Dust and Jewels can be used by Smiths along with bars and shards to forge armours and weapons.

Enchanters can prospect ores in order to find extra jewels hidden inside that you may have missed during mining!

A deposit will also yield dust of the same mineral. For Example, Copper deposits can give Aquamarine and Aquamarine Dust.

Name Minimum Skill Trivial Skill Mine Level Smelt Ratio
Copper 1 10 1 1 (1 bar from 1 ore)
Bronze 7 15 2 34 ore to 33 bars (with miner skill 1/5)
Iron 10 20 3 ? (x-1 bar from x ore)
Steel 15 25 3 0.666 (4 bar from 6 ore)
Silver 20 30 4 0.769 (10 bar from 13 ore)
Gold 25 35 4 0.777 (14 bar from 18 ore)
Mithril 33 43 4 .77 (77 from 99 ore)
Titanium 42 52 5 0.598 (58 bar from 97 ore)
Ebon 50 60 5 0.598 (58 bar from 97 ore)
Adamantium 55 65 6 .5265 (9 bars from 16 ore)
Obsidian 60 70 6 .5625 (9 bars from 16 ore)
Nethernium 65 75 7 .2857 (2 bars from 7 ore)
Voidstone 73 83 7 .2857 (2 bars from 7 ore)
Phasemetal 80 90 7 .2857 (2 bars from 7 ore)
Chaostone 90 100 8 .1 (1 bar from 10 ore)
Jewels yielded by deposit
Type Jewel

Copper Shards

Aquamarine & Dust

Morganite & Dust

Tiger's Eye & Dust


Bronze Shards

Cat's Eye & Dust

Eye of Flame

Garnet & Dust


Iron Shards

Garnet & Dust

Alexandrite & Dust

Eye of Frost


Steel Shards

Eye of Frost

Eye of Flame

Cat's Eye & Dust


Silver Shards

Pyrite & Dust

Tourmaline & Dust

Beryl & Dust

Eye of Earth

Roan's Tears


Gold Shards

Eye of Air

Topaz & Dust

Amethyst & Dust

Happy Ed's Tears


Mithril Shards

Heliodor & Dust

Hematite & Dust

Core of Flame


Titanium Shards

Peridot & Dust

Core of Frost


Ebon Shards

Core of Earth

Heliodor & Dust

Peridot & Dust


Adamantium Shards

Core of Air

Pearl & Dust


Obsidian Shards

Ghoti's Tears

Opal & Dust

Pearl & Dust


Nethernium Shards

Ghoti's Tears

Opal & Dust

Star of Flame


Voidstone Shards

Shansabyk's Tears

Diamond & Dust

Star of Frost


Phasemetal Shards

Emerald & Dust

Sapphire & Dust

Star of Earth

Star of Air


Chaostone Shards

Cancer's Tears

Emerald & Dust

Ruby & Dust

Sapphire & Dust


Here's a page of Mining Maps.

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