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Please use this page for the best, current, well-formed ideas that we'd like to see implemented. If you're just 'spit-balling' ideas, or are still working through it, then please use the discussion page (linked in the top tabs).


Crafting gems and mouldings should id to the full gem type as well as the root. The following should all work:

gem of minor blades aggression
minor blades aggression
minor blades
minor blades aggression moulding
blades moulding

This also is a problem with 1-handed and 2-handed mouldings. i.e. 1-handed silver axe moulding and 2-handed silver axe moulding both id to silver axe moulding, but no way to differentiate between the 1h and 2h kind.


  • See Stashall for discussion/proposals of satchel syntax


  • Smelting
    • insert all ore [This would attempt to insert all ore from a player's inventory.]


  • Forge
    • (minor suggestion) insert 4 bar [This would attempt to insert 4 bars from a player's inventory.]
If you are use a client with an amount paser you can use that parse IE: in portal ;4 insert ore works


The ability to combine bags/barrels/etc of the the same type when they are mostly used, preferably in some sort of automatic fashion('combine all'). Help to keep farmer inventories slightly less fugly and prevent partially used item buildup when you keep buying more(or at least make it easier to prevent this instead of counting and dropping every time you buy more).

When you use the last of a farming item and it's the last of its kind, have it display a special discard message.

You heft the bag of fertilizer onto your shoulder and try to pour some
fertilizer onto the ground.
You use up the last of the fertilizer.
You discard your last Smurfy fertilizer.

  • Make bags of fertilizer not identify to 'bag' (reason: it really farks with other mud bags, 'put all in bag')
  • Typo: All plants: lack a space before "This plant is unclaimed." example -> "apple!This plant is unclaimed."
  • There are 'bugs' in the farm rooms but i cant look at them.
    • look at bugs -> That is not here or it is uninteresting. (bugs?)
    • look at insects -> This plot of farm has many bugs.
    • Please make the 'bugs' id to 'bugs' (they can also id to insects, but should be consistent)


After your finishing cooking it would be nice if you got a message saying if you got cxp. More stats. We have food eatten and cooked. How about How many are Wow!, Move salty then ... Etc.


  • Gems (at least the filled ones?) should include the 'gemchant' syntax. Something along the lines of:
    • To gemchant a weapon or armour, use: gemchant <gem> into <object>

and Gems should accept more than just 'gem' as the 1st parameter... especially if you have more than one gem of different types in your inventory.

Cloaks/Cloth Stuff

I threw this idea out on the craft line (I think on 3s) a few days ago. Figured I'd put it here too for persistence.

In order to have people craft cloth items (for cloaks and guilds which are armor restricted) combine blacksmithing and enchanting (again!). Have blacksmith able to make "Bronze Link Cloak" which is too heavy to wear. Then have enchanters/wranglers make a gem that "transmutes" it to "Bronzethread Cloak" when gemchanted. The resulting cloak would have a weight and protection commensurate with the gem and metal cloak that went into making it.


Implement cname.

Example syntax: "cname gloves <new name for gloves>"
Result: targeted crafted gloves' short desc changes to "<new name for gloves> [c]".
The "[c]" is always appended to user supplied string to mark the gear as crafted, ie "The Glass Gloves" and "The Glass Gloves [c]" are clearly not the same thing.

Player proposals: Jeweler

please go here jeweler proposal