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Sii: noun. ( Ka'lese ) a last, foolish, desperate hope.

The Chai’din was a faction of the Ka'lee , a psionic, symbiotic, alien race, that sought to renounce the Great War, the ongoing internecine strife amongst the various factions of the Ka'lee . Led by Jain and comprising former members of many different factions sharing the same burning idealism of peace, they were ostracised and hunted by the other warmongering factions. At a critical moment, Jain created an inter-dimensional wormhole that landed the Chai’din ’s Traak , an organic spaceship, in the town of Pinnacle. The Ka'lee that pursued through the wormhole were repelled with the help of the denizens. Here, the members of the Chai’din have found a new home and friends. Recruiting from the population that sheltered them, the Chai’din was re-named as the Sii. Consolidating its position and gathering its strength, the Sii now work towards the ending of the Great War .

If you are not a member of the Sii, these pages may shed some light on what may seem to be a mystifying guild. If you are, this compendium, put together by other members, may well provide an invaluable resource for your journey as a Sii.

For a practical overview for new Sii players, check out this Sii New Player Guide, which was mostly written by Turin.

The official Sii web page is here.

Knull has a spreadsheet summary going if you like that format better than siiwiikii's table.

Guild Mechanics Guild Thematics

Sii Powers : The full list of commands available.
Forms : The full list of forms with details.
Broodlings : Information on broodlings.
Receptive Neurons : Information on receptivity of neurons.

Sii Glossary : A glossary of Sii terminlogy.
Ranks : Lists the ranks of various aspects of the guild.
Map of the Traak : The layout of the Sii’s organic spaceship.
Guild NPCs : Information on the NPCs that populate the guild.