Terra's Terrific Treehouse

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Terra's Terrific Treehouse in a dungeon in Chaos. From the center of Chaos, the directions are: 3w,1n,enter.

The dungeon will reset two hours after you leave. A map of the area is available here

Terra's is a dungeon filled with tree-related mobs which will block progress until killed. The dungeon has a miniquest which can create a ring with your choice of attributes (HP regen, SP regen, AC, or damage blocking).


Terra is significantly harder than the other mobs at the same scaler and has some large specials. You must kill them in order to craft the ring.


The miniquest in the area will result in the creation of "A strangely dense wooden ring." The relative strength of the ring is indicated by the symbols at the end.

In order to craft the ring, you must obtain two seeds which can be obtained on the left and right sides of the dungeon. The color of the seed will determine which attributes the final ring has. Red is HP regen, blue is SP regen, green is AC, and white is damage-blocking specials. Colors can be both mixed to add two effects or doubled up to increase their strength.

Once you obtain the seeds, you must defeat Terra who drops a hammer which you can insert the seeds into. Then, at the north end of the map, there is a hidden exit ("bow") which will bring you to a room where you can "plant hammer" then "chop tree" then "whittle ring". In order to chop or whittle, you must have an item that IDs to "axe" in your inventory.


 { Scaler  40 }
 Root Warrior              17K  -  19K
 Earthen Spirit            20K  -  24K
 Tree Guardian             12K  -  14K
 Guardian Branch           12K  -  13K  
 Minor Earth Elemental     14K  -  15K
 Earth Elemental           39K  -  41K
 Earth Elemental Lord          48K
 Terra, Knight of Earth       531K

 { Scaler  45 }
 Root Warrior              18K  -  19K
 Earthen Spirit            19K  -  23K
 Tree Guardian             13K  -  13K
 Guardian Branch           12K  -  13K  
 Minor Earth Elemental     13K  -  14K
 Earth Elemental           39K  -  40K
 Earth Elemental Lord          50K
 Terra, Knight of Earth       488k

 { Scaler  50 }
 Root Warrior                 83k - 96k
 Earthen Spirit               141k - 148k
 Tree Guardian                186k - 202k
 Guardian Branch              200k
 Minor Earth Elemental        269k - 301k
 Earth Elemental              1.1m
 Earth Elemental Lord         2.2m
 Terra, Knight of Earth       8.2M

 { Scaler  65 }
 Root Warrior                 103k - 111k
 Earthen Spirit               172k - 187k
 Tree Guardian                250k - 271k
 Guardian Branch              252k - 285k
 Minor Earth Elemental        373k - 411k
 Earth Elemental              1.5m - 1.6m
 Earth Elemental Lord         3.5m
 Terra, Knight of Earth       12m - 23m
 A strangely dense wooden ring {radiant} [....-*-....]

 { Scaler  70 }
 Root Warrior                 103k - 115k
 Earthen Spirit               172k - 187k
 Tree Guardian                214k - 282k
 Guardian Branch              251k
 Minor Earth Elemental              
 Earth Elemental              1.5M
 Earth Elemental Lord         3.9M <ran away crying>
 Terra, Knight of Earth       15M

 { Scaler  80 }
 Root Warrior                 454k - 459k
 Earthen Spirit               543k - 570k
 Tree Guardian                766k - 874k
 Guardian Branch              812k - 928k
 Minor Earth Elemental        1.1m
 Earth Elemental              3.9m - 4.2m
 Earth Elemental Lord         6.6m
 Terra, Knight of Earth       ?

 { Scaler  88 }
 Root Warrior                 834k - 844k
 Earthen Spirit               1.1M
 Tree Guardian                1.5M
 Guardian Branch              1.5M - 1.7M
 Minor Earth Elemental        
 Earth Elemental              5.4M - 6.1M
 Earth Elemental Lord         9.6M
 Terra, Knight of Earth       18M
 A strangely dense wooden ring {radiant} [....-*-....]

 { Scaler  95 }
 Root Warrior                 1.3M - 1.4M
 Earthen Spirit               1.7M - 1.9M
 Tree Guardian                2.3M - 2.4M
 Guardian Branch              2.8M - 2.9M
 Minor Earth Elemental        3M
 Earth Elemental              7.7M
 Earth Elemental Lord         ?
 Terra, Knight of Earth       ?

 { Scaler  105 }
 Root Warrior              3.9M  -  4.0M
 Earthen Spirit            4.7M  -  4.7M
 Tree Guardian             5.4M  -  6.0M
 Guardian Branch           5.7M  -  6.0M  
 Minor Earth Elemental     6.4M  -  6.5M
 Earth Elemental          14.2M  - 15.6M
 Earth Elemental Lord          20.2M
 Terra, Knight of Earth        39.6M

 { Scaler  110 }
 Root Warrior              4.8M  -  4.9M
 Earthen Spirit            5.5M  -  5.7M
 Tree Guardian             6.5M  -  6.7M
 Guardian Branch           6.6M  -  7.1M  
 Minor Earth Elemental     7.6M  -  9.0M
 Earth Elemental          15.3M  - 16.0M
 Earth Elemental Lord          17.7M
 Terra, Knight of Earth        51.2M

 { Scaler  115 }
 Root Warrior              5.7M  -  5.8M
 Earthen Spirit            6.6M  -  7.4M
 Tree Guardian             8.1M  -  8.8M
 Guardian Branch           8.6M  -  9.6M  
 Minor Earth Elemental     9.7M  - 10.2M
 Earth Elemental          16.0M  - 18.3M
 Earth Elemental Lord          23.4M
 Terra, Knight of Earth        44.7M

 { Scaler 120 }
 Root Warrior               7.3 - 8.0M
 Earthen Spirit             9.2 ~ 9.3M
 Guardian Branch           11.2 - 11.8M
 Tree Guardian             10.4 - 11M
 Minor Earth Elemental      ~12M
 Earth Elemental            ~18M
 Earth Elemental Lord       ~22M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     ~85M 
 A strangely dense wooden ring {radiant} [...*-*-*...]

 { Scaler  123 }
 Root Warrior                 8M
 Earthen Spirit              10M
 Tree Guardian               11M
 Guardian Branch             13M
 Minor Earth Elemental       13M
 Earth Elemental             18M
 Earth Elemental Lord        20M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     102M
 A strangely dense wooden ring {radiant} [...*-*-*...]

 { Scaler  124 }
 Root Warrior                11M
 Earthen Spirit              13M
 Tree Guardian               15M
 Guardian Branch             17M
 Minor Earth Elemental       18M
 Earth Elemental             24M
 Earth Elemental Lord        30M
 Terra, Knight of Earth      78M
 A strangely dense wooden ring {radiant} [.*-*-*-*-*.]

 { Scaler 125 }
 Root Warrior               ~12M
 Earthen Spirit             ~15M
 Tree Guardian              ~17m
 Guardian Branch            ~17m
 Minor Earth Elemental      ~19M
 Earth Elemental            ~25M
 Earth Elemental Lord       ~45M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     ~94M (Hits like a truck.  Huge specials.)

 { Scaler  129 }
 Root Warrior                13M
 Earthen Spirit              15M
 Tree Guardian               18M
 Guardian Branch             20M
 Minor Earth Elemental       21M
 Earth Elemental             27M
 Earth Elemental Lord        39M
 Terra, Knight of Earth      71M
 A strangely dense wooden ring {radiant} [.*-*-*-*-*.]

 { Scaler  130 }
 Root Warrior               28M - 29M
 Earthen Spirit             33M - 35M
 Tree Guardian              40M - 41M
 Guardian Branch            42M - 42M  
 Minor Earth Elemental      45M - 47M
 Earth Elemental            65M - 66M
 Earth Elemental Lord       82M - 88M
 Terra, Knight of Earth    192M - 240M
 A strangely dense wooden ring {radiant} [.*-*<*>*-*.]

 { Scaler  131 }
 Root Warrior                31M
 Earthen Spirit              36M
 Tree Guardian               43M
 Guardian Branch             47M
 Minor Earth Elemental       47M
 Earth Elemental             66M
 Earth Elemental Lord        86M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     254M
 A strangely dense wooden ring {radiant} [.*-*<*>*-*.]

 { Scaler  132 }
 Root Warrior                41M
 Earthen Spirit              45M
 Tree Guardian               48M
 Guardian Branch             54M
 Minor Earth Elemental       54M
 Earth Elemental             66M
 Earth Elemental Lord       100M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     275M

 { Scaler  133 }
 Root Warrior                46M
 Earthen Spirit              49M
 Tree Guardian               54M
 Guardian Branch             61M
 Minor Earth Elemental       55M
 Earth Elemental             77M
 Earth Elemental Lord       105M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     323M

 { Scaler  134 }
 Root Warrior                50M
 Earthen Spirit              52M
 Tree Guardian               57M
 Guardian Branch             62M
 Minor Earth Elemental       64M
 Earth Elemental             80M
 Earth Elemental Lord        91M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     366M

 { Scaler  135 }
 Root Warrior               55M - 55M
 Earthen Spirit             56M - 58M
 Tree Guardian              60M - 66M
 Guardian Branch            60M - 66M  
 Minor Earth Elemental      65M - 74M
 Earth Elemental            85M - 105M
 Earth Elemental Lord      115M - 146M
 Terra, Knight of Earth    321M - 385M
 A strangely dense wooden ring {radiant} [.*-*<*>*-*.]

 { Scaler  136 }
 Root Warrior                59M
 Earthen Spirit              63M
 Tree Guardian               67M
 Guardian Branch             74M
 Minor Earth Elemental       75M
 Earth Elemental            107M 
 Earth Elemental Lord       121M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     356M
 A strangely dense wooden ring {radiant} [<*/*(*)*\*>]

 { Scaler  137 }
 Root Warrior                65M
 Earthen Spirit              70M
 Tree Guardian               77M
 Guardian Branch             83M
 Minor Earth Elemental       84M
 Earth Elemental            117M 
 Earth Elemental Lord       173M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     463M

 { Scaler  138 }
 Root Warrior                71M
 Earthen Spirit              77M
 Tree Guardian               83M
 Guardian Branch             99M
 Minor Earth Elemental       89M
 Earth Elemental            150M 
 Earth Elemental Lord       181M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     478M

 { Scaler  139 }
 Root Warrior                79M
 Earthen Spirit              84M
 Tree Guardian               97M
 Guardian Branch            111M 
 Minor Earth Elemental      104M
 Earth Elemental            173M 
 Earth Elemental Lord       268M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     565M

 { Scaler  140 }
 Root Warrior               83M - 84M
 Earthen Spirit             87M - 90M
 Tree Guardian              93M - 98M
 Guardian Branch            95M - 104M  
 Minor Earth Elemental     101M - 108M
 Earth Elemental           209M - 
 Earth Elemental Lord         295M
 Terra, Knight of Earth       525M

 { Scaler  141 }
 Root Warrior                92M
 Earthen Spirit             101M 
 Tree Guardian              114M 
 Guardian Branch            126M 
 Minor Earth Elemental      134M 
 Earth Elemental            229M 
 Earth Elemental Lord       277M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     600M

 { Scaler  142 }
 Root Warrior               105M
 Earthen Spirit             120M 
 Tree Guardian              141M 
 Guardian Branch            164M 
 Minor Earth Elemental      175M 
 Earth Elemental            255M 
 Earth Elemental Lord       341M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     627M
 A strangely dense wooden ring {radiant} [.....?.....]

 { Scaler  143 }
 Root Warrior                 121M
 Earthen Spirit               147M
 Tree Guardian              163M-169M
 Guardian Branch              171M  
 Minor Earth Elemental        186M
 Earth Elemental            ? 
 Earth Elemental Lord         380M
 Terra, Knight of Earth       693M

 { Scaler  145 }
 Root Warrior               171M
 Earthen Spirit             189M
 Tree Guardian              210M
 Guardian Branch            260M  
 Minor Earth Elemental      253M
 Earth Elemental            363M 
 Earth Elemental Lord       412M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     651M

 { Scaler  146 }
 Root Warrior               190M
 Earthen Spirit             214M
 Tree Guardian              250M
 Guardian Branch            295M  
 Minor Earth Elemental      274M
 Earth Elemental            362M 
 Earth Elemental Lord       447M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     688M 

 { Scaler  147 }
 Root Warrior               225M
 Earthen Spirit             247M
 Tree Guardian              290M
 Guardian Branch            322M  
 Minor Earth Elemental      305M
 Earth Elemental            449M 
 Earth Elemental Lord       498M
 Terra, Knight of Earth     692M