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Starcraft:Broodwar is an area in Science on the Midway Station. To get to the Midway Station, enter science, go 2u, then wait for the shuttle, enter shuttle, then exit when you arrive at Midways. Once there, the area is 4w,d,w,enter pod from where you land.

The area scales depending on which day of the boot it is. Mobs spawning less than one hour from the day mark will spawn at the following day's level.

For example, if reboot was at 12:00pm (noon) Monday, then Day 0 mobs will spawn until 11:00am on Tuesday, then Day 1 mobs spawn until 11:00am Wednesday, and so on.

The major draw for the area it the huge firebat at the end who carries the CMC-660 Heavy Combat Suit. The CMC is a very popular piece of gear, is unique, and each day's version is different. In order to wear it, you need a "tag" from either doing a significant amount of damage to firebat or tanking it. There is a special message when he dies if you receive a tag.

Day Huge Firebat class CMC Description Notes
0 < 50k -(Standard Issue)-
1 < 200k -(Reinforced)-
2 Day2class -(Advanced)--
3 ~200M -(Specialized)-
4 Day4class -(Absurd)-
5 Day5class -(God-Like)- Up to this point, Firebat will not hit around the tank
6 Day6class -(Metaphysically Unstable)-
7 2B -(Physically Impossible)- Day 7 is the largest the firebat gets