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Form Info

Adapted to survive in the harsh Sollian wastelands, where ice and sleet are constant companions, the Goroa is a tough beast. Not generally suited to living in warmer climates due to their thick fur, they are nonetheless a resilient foe in battle.


<Player>, of the Sollian Wastes.

<Player> is a thickly-furred, somewhat humanoid-looking creature. Standing bipedally, but with arms that stretch almost to the ground, they look like some kind of intelligent arctic ape. Large ears allow for keen hearing, and they cock their head now and then as if listening intently.


5,000 gold.

Equipment Slots Available


Stat Bonuses

Dexterity +5%

Constitution +5%

Attack Pattern and Damage Types

fists (blunt), fists (blunt)


As taken from siiquip:

Level Edged Blunt Fire Ice Acid Electric Mind Energy Poison Radiation
30 Low Low 0 Low 0 0 0 0 Low 0

Special Abilities



You ruffle your thick fur.

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