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The area appears to be based on the SNES version of the side scrolling arcade shooter of the same name. There are many small numbered "Sections" which contain up and down exits which may or many not lead to the next consecutively numbered section. Some up/down exits are blocked and will shock you if you haven't disabled (killed) the appropriate generator.

Pure casters, so difficult to say what damage types

Testing dmg types. So far only to level 29 of the dungeon. Seems to be consistent: Physical (E/B) melee plus specials which can use other types.

Clone Soldiers - Blunt and Energy specials
Spiral Gun     - Blunt and Energy specials
Cloud Eyes     - Energy specials
Gromas         - Edged and Blunt specials
Leagos         - Edged and Blunt specials
Leavas         - Blunt specials
Rippers        - Blunt specials 
Generators     - Energy and Electric specials

Unique Critters:

Section 19: Zamuza radiation & blunt specials 
Section 39: Balba electric & radiation specials (slightly larger than average) 
Section 45: Galga fire & radiation specials (slightly larger than average) 
Section 49: Brain edged & acid specials (noticably larger than average) 

Alignment note: First mob I checked was good, so if you're in an alignment-sensitive guild you'll want to pay attention.

Mobs drop power up capsules that give bonuses to mskills or stats:

Blue: +critical hit +penetration

Orange: +focus +regeneration

Green: +wisdom +dexterity

Scaler 34 : ~35k

Scaler 45 : ~45k

Scaler 55 : ~130k

Scaler 60 : ~225k

Scaler 70 : 770k - 810k (Galga 1.3M)

Scaler 75 : 1.6M - 1.8M

Scaler 80 : 2.4M - 3.1M

Scaler 85 : 4.6M - 5.1M (Galga 6.6M, Brain 8.5M)

Scaler 88 : 5.1M - 6.2M

a Leeva                        Section 00(kikipopo)                      6.1M
a Groma                        Section 00(kikipopo)                      6.6M
a Cloud Eye                    Section 00(kikipopo)                      6.3M
a Clone Soldier                Section 00(kikipopo)                      6.5M
a Spiral Gun                   Section 03(kikipopo)                      6.0M

90 : 6.2M-7.3M

101: 11-13M

105: 15-18M

110: 19-25M

115: starts around 25m

117: ~32m

120: 37.8m

130: ~55M

70mil on scaler 138

scaler 140 is 81-87M

144 is ~97M. very linear scaler

148 is 92M~112M