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Any information or equipment directly relating to a quest must be discovered on your own, or by your party for party quests. The 3 Kingdoms rules state you may not give out quest info or quest items to other players and/or aid them in completing the quest. And that includes this wiki.

If a quest has information that can be shared (Such as the location of the Newbie Academy) it will be explicitly stated in the description. Nonetheless it is considered bad form to post this information publicly, use tells.

Request on chat lines that touch upon quests should be ignored. To state 'qinfo' is, in itself, giving out qinfo. If someone knowingly asks for qinfo, refer them to help rules, bullet 2.

General quest hints and strategy can be found under 'help method' in game, but if you feel you truly need help figuring out a specific quest you can mail the QUESTS group to possibly obtain a hint.

For more information please refer to 'help quest' in game.