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Priest Guild

Priests are one of the older guilds on Three Kingdoms. We are excellent in parties with other guilds and are usually in demand due to our extensive healing abilities. Guild members tend to be friendly, talkative, and willing to help out anyone in need. No other guild has a line dedicated to griping, a guild box so chatty, or as many hot mudders. (woohoo!) Feel free to ask any priest if you need more information about our beloved guild.

Devoted followers of the gods are granted extraordinary powers by their deities. The powers vary from god to god, and include healing of wounds, inflicting damage on others, and control over weather, the elements, and nature itself.



Priests have a wide variety of spells for which can be used for damage depending on your fighting style or what you are fighting.

Spells that are noted below are attached to spheres for which are earned by advancing through guild levels.

Depending on your diety and which opposing sphere you choose will depend on when you learn them.

Name: Magical Stone Command: mstone [who] Step: 2 Cost: 20 spell points Sphere: Combat Category: Attack Reagents: Pebble Description: Hurl an enchanted stone at Damage Type: Blunt

Name: Magical Hammer Command: hammer [who] Step: 6 Cost: 40 spell points Sphere: Combat Reagents: Tiny Hammer Damage Type: Blunt

Name: Lightning Strike Command: lightningstrike [who] Cost: 10 + 1 x Step spell points Sphere: Weather Category: Attack Reagents: None (for now) Damage Type: Electric

Name: Twister Command: twister [who] Cost: 10 + 1 x Step spell points Sphere: Weather Category: Attack Reagents: Feather Damage Type: Blunt

Name: Sun Ray Command: sunray [who] Cost: 10 + 1 x Step spell points ** Sphere: Weather Category: Attack Damage type: Radiation

Name: Chill Touch Command: chilltouch [who] Step: 30 Cost: 10 + 1 x Step spell points Sphere: Combat Category: Attack Damage Type: Ice

Name: Flamestrike Command: flamestrike [who] Step: 43 Cost: 10 + 1 x Step spell points Sphere: Combat Category: Attack Reagents: None (for now) Damage Type: Fire

Name: Soul shatter Command: soulshatter [who] Step: 48 Cost: 10 + 1 x Step spell points Sphere: Combat Category: Attack Damage Type: Mind

Name: Acidspray Command: acidspray [who] Step: Demi-God Ability Cost: 10 + 1 x Step spell points Category: Attack Damage Type: Acid

    • Some spells require guild quests to be completed in order to utilize their ability.


The guild's primary defenses also come from its spells, although our tanking ability is augmented greatly by our healing abilities. Magic armour can be summoned, and protection spells cast. After monsters pound on a priest for many rounds, a well-timed healing spell will lessen the damage considerably.

Name: Protection Command: protection [off] Step: 19 Cost: 150 spell points Sphere: Protection Category: Misc Reagents: Incense Description: Will significantly protect you from attacks.

Name: Barkskin Command: barkskin Guild level: 8 Cost: 100 mana Sphere: Nature Category: Misc Reagents: Bark

Name: Protection from Power Command: propower Guild level: 17 Cost: 300 sp, 300 mana Sphere: Protection Category: Misc Reagents: Mercury

Name: Protection from Elements Command: proelem Guild level: 16 Cost: 300 sp, 300 mana Sphere: Protection Category: Misc Reagents: Sulphur

Name: Magical Vestment Command: vestment Step: 12 Cost: 100 spell points Sphere: Protection Category: Misc Reagents: White Cloth

Name: Invincibility Command: invin Step: Demi-god ability Cost: 100 Mana Category: Defense


Mends can now heal GP, HP, and SP from a distance.

Mending other players will cost a priest some of their piety.

Participating Guilds So Far - Priests, Monks, Mages, Breed, Jedi, Juggers, Knights, Cyborgs, Gentech, Bard, Changelings


There are many miscellaneous powers granted to the priests.

Priests can enchant weapons, change people's alignment based upon the alignment of their diety, feather touch the weight of items, and temporarily boost a player's stats.

Priests can also create fireseeds and goodberries for anyone.

Animal growth can temporarily raise the strength of a summoned mob. Be aware that this may create issues with Necromancer's summoned undead.

Priests also have useful spells that may assist them in battle.

Name: Avatar Command: psummon Cost: 200 spell points Sphere: Summoning Category: Attack

Name: Hold Person Command: phold [who] Step: Demi-God ability Cost: 75 spell points Category: Attack Reagents: Iron Rod

Name: Curse Sphere: Charm Command: curse [who] Cost: 150 spell points Sphere: Charm Category: Misc Reagents: Dung

Name: Animal Growth Sphere: Nature Command: growth [who] Cost: 150 spell points Sphere: Nature Category: Misc

Name: Beseech Command: beseech Step: 15 Cost: Free. Sphere: None Category: None

Name: Recite Verses Command: recite Step: Multi-sphere spell Cost: 20 spell points / round Sphere: Combat Category: Misc


There are twelve gods that a priest can choose to worship, 4 good, 4 neutral, and 4 evil. The followers of each god have certain spheres of influence that are stronger or weaker, but overall things are fairly balanced. A new priest starts with the rank of acolyte and works his way up to immortal and beyond.


Each of the gods has their own set of restrictions. Common ones include keeping alignment on the correct path (good/neutral/evil), not wielding bladed weapons, and minor armour restrictions. Also, reagents from the guild are required to cast many of the spells.


Guild experience is gained through casting spells.

The guild levels are known as 'steps ascended'.

There are 80+ steps to ascend, with each one bringing a bit more power.

GXP rate is determined by Guild Level * Faith Level * Mana use.

Player GMs

 The following people are available to help with any guild issues
 or questions you have.  If you are having a problem, talk to any 
 of these people.

 Pope: Dalandra, Maryjayne, Morinda
 Cardinals: Vika
 Archbishops: Reality 
 Bishop: Kichi, Assassin
 Elder: Zor

 Inactive: Wodam (C), Blink (C), Nofx (A), Thadar (B)

 Pontiffs - head GMs, go to them with any major issue. 
 Cardinals - active staff, go to them with day to day stuff, or
 a major issue if no Pontiff is around.  
 Archbishops - semi-active staff, go to them as you would a Cardinal.
 Bishops - Cardinals in training

 For wizardly issues, please contact: 

 Head WGM:       Thyros, Phoenix
 Assistant WGM:  Muzicchik
 WIZ flaps:      Vraal