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Medals are given for achievements on 3kingdoms. There many public medals which are listed below.

There are also private medals which are known only to the individuals who have received them.

 Please only list public medals here, as the intent of private medals is to have a hidden rewards in the game.

Medal ID Name Realm Area
100 Commendation of Uberness Mud Anywhere
10kk Thinning the Flock Mud Anywhere
1hkk The Hills Run Red Mud Anywhere
1kk Culling the Herd Mud Anywhere
1mk The Bringer of Death Mud Anywhere
50 Commendation of Advancement Mud Anywhere
5hkk Filling the Guf Mud Anywhere
age1 Happy Birth'day' Mud Anywhere
age2 Happy Birthday - 1 Year Mud Anywhere
age3 Happy Birthday - 2 Years Mud Anywhere
anax Titan Slayer Fantasy Mystic Seal - Ruins of the Mad Titan Lord
azalin Of Death and Demons Fantasy Realm of the Verbeeg
blick This must be a bug! Mud Anywhere
bsg1 Galactica Viper Pilot Insignia Science Battlestar Galactica
burns Ow it burns it burns Mud Mount Thunder
cube Medal of Rubik's Mastery Mud Anywhere
died A Bright Light Mud Anywhere
dke Black Dragon Slayer Banner Fantasy Dragon Realms
dkg White Dragon Slayer Banner Fantasy Dragon Realms
dkn Grey Dragon Slayer Banner Fantasy Dragon Realms
dma Deep Mountain Destroyer Fantasy Deep Mountain
droid This is the droid you're looking for Science Antimammonist Vault
effort1 Concerted Effort : Focused Mud Anywhere
effort2 Concerted Effort : Dedicated Mud Anywhere
effort3 Concerted Effort : Addicted Mud Anywhere
etl1 Fast Feet Mud Anywhere
etl5 Speedy Gonzales Mud Anywhere
etlx The Flash Mud Anywhere
evil Medal of Hate Mud Anywhere
exp Spreading your Wings Mud Anywhere
exp1 Broadening Your Horizons Mud Anywhere
exp2 Adventurer's Commendation Mud Anywhere
exp3 World Traveler Mud Anywhere
fogey1 Relative Newbie Mud Anywhere
fogey2 The New Kid Mud Anywhere
fogey3 Remember When? Mud Anywhere
fogey4 Old Timer Mud Anywhere
fogey5 Old Fogey Mud Anywhere
ghst Medallion of Ghostbusting Mud Browning Estates
good Medal of Purity Mud Anywhere
hater1 Equal Opportunity Destroyer : Uno Mud Anywhere
hater2 Equal Opportunity Destroyer : Dos Mud Anywhere
hater3 Equal Opportunity Destroyer : Tres Mud Anywhere
hatera Serial Killer : Local Mud Anywhere
haterb Serial Killer : Regional Mud Anywhere
haterc Serial Killer : Global Mud Anywhere
haunt Signet of the Unbound Spirit Fantasy Dark Crypt
haunt2 Signet of the Unbound Body Fantasy Castle Ravenloft
hel9 Hell : Not your average vacation Fantasy The Nine Planes of Hell
hell I've been to hell Fantasy The Nine Planes of Hell
hmort Medal of Authority Mud Anywhere
hopper Decidedly Undecided : Novice Mud Anywhere
hopper2 Decidedly Undecided : Expert Mud Anywhere
hopper3 Decidedly Undecided : Master Mud Anywhere
hunter1 Big Game Hunter : Novice Mud Anywhere
hunter2 Big Game Hunter : Journeyman Mud Anywhere
hunter3 Big Game Hunter : Master Mud Anywhere
icts Insignificant Contribution to Science Pinnacle Messy Laboratory
inyxx Slay the Demon of Darkness Fantasy A Dark Pyramid
lola The Grass is Greener Mud Anywhere
moo Moo, Moo Moo Moo Moo Chaos Cowville
mudder1 Offical MUDder : Fat Mud Anywhere
mudder2 Offical MUDder : Drunk Mud Anywhere
mudder3 Offical MUDder : Stupid Mud Anywhere
mummy Medallion of the Unraveler Fantasy A crypt beneath the sands
nhsb Solved NetHack Sokoban Chaos NetHack
nprm New Pinnacle's Medal of Skillful Valor N New Pinnacle
num1 Number 1 Mud Anywhere
num44 Number 44 Mud Anywhere
ouch Vivisectified Mud Anywhere
rusty Stainless Steel Fantasy Fantasy
shao Mortal Kombat Science Mortal Kombat 2
sights1 Mi Casa, Su Casa: Recognized Mud Anywhere
sights2 Mi Casa, Su Casa: Well-Known Mud Anywhere
sights3 Mi Casa, Su Casa: Renowned Mud Anywhere
sights4 Mi Casa, Su Casa: Prominent Mud Anywhere
sights5 Mi Casa, Su Casa: Famous Mud Anywhere
sights6 Mi Casa, Su Casa: Legendary Mud Anywhere
sightsa Passport Stamp: Neighborhood Mud Anywhere
sightsb Passport Stamp: Community Mud Anywhere
sightsc Passport Stamp: District Mud Anywhere
sightsd Passport Stamp: Region Mud Anywhere
sightse Passport Stamp: Hemisphere Mud Anywhere
sightsf Passport Stamp: Global Mud Anywhere
soul Soul Man Mud Anywhere
spa1 Alchemist: Journeyman Fantasy The city of Westersea
spf1 Fishing: Journeyman Fantasy The city of Westersea
spj1 Jousting: Squire Fantasy The city of Westersea
spj2 Jousting: Veteran Fantasy The city of Westersea
spj3 Jousting: Legend Fantasy The city of Westersea
spl1 Lockpicking: Journeyman Fantasy The city of Westersea
stats1 Is it hot in here or is that just me? Mud Anywhere
stats2 What do you mean I have no neck? Mud Anywhere
stats3 I once ate a dead frog and never threw up Mud Anywhere
stats4 E=MC^2 Mud Anywhere
stats5 Inconceivable! Mud Anywhere
stats6 Cain't touch dis Mud Anywhere
stats7 Godlike Bug Abuser Mud Anywhere
tough1 Tough Enough : Round 1 Mud Anywhere
tough2 Tough Enough : Round 2 Mud Anywhere
tough3 Tough Enough : Round 3 Mud Anywhere
tough4 Tough Enough : Round 4 Mud Anywhere
tough5 Tough Enough : Knock Out Mud Anywhere
undgm Free His Soul Fantasy Der'Thalas
undk Putting The Dead To Rest Fantasy A lonely keep