Kayos Wars

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Kayos Wars in a dungeon which appears for a limited time. The current status of the Kayos Wars area can be found with the "events" command and will provide a general idea of where to look for it.

The battlefield is square-shaped and to exit you need to find the "homing beacon" somewhere on the field if you want to exit before beating the boss.

Mobs in Kayos Wars will have randomly generated traits (affixes) which appear after their name which alter how they fight (or how to fight them). Mobs do not respawn during the same event.


Fighting trash mobs in the battlefield will drop keys which can be used to gain entry to the bunkers scattered throughout. Inside the bunkers, you'll find a named miniboss and after you defeat them you can "grab cell". Once you acquire three cells, you can find the transport pad, insert the cells, and be taken to the spaceship. On the spaceship is the boss and after defeating them you can open the briefcase in the room for a ball of Kayos energy which can be used to "empower" your stats. Each empower gives +1 to a stat for 6 hours. Higher scalers grand more empowers.


Killing things in Kayos Wars will increase reputation with The Vigilant which can be redeemed for various boosts at their headquarters near Science. Higher level scalers rewards more reputation per kill.

Extra digital keys and other objects from the dungeon can be sold at The Vigilant shop for some Reputation as well.

Equipment boosts can raise gear above it's maximum-normally-allowed armor and weapon class.


  • slashing - Does edged melee damage
  • pounding - Does blunt melee damage (pounding it, just POUNDING it)
  • flaming - Does fire melee damage
  • freezing - Does ice melee damage
  • corroding - Does acid melee damage
  • poisonous - Does poison melee damage
  • electrifying - Does electric melee damage
  • radioactive - Does radiation melee damage
  • arcane - Does energy melee damage
  • psiwielding - Does mind melee damage

  • antimagic - Immune to certain powers such as scans, stuns, slows
  • engaging - Aggressive
  • ethereal - Possesses a dodge special
  • fleeing - Will attempt to wimpy when losing a fight
  • hunting - Will pursue enemies who withdraw from combat
  • rampaging - Hits around
  • slippery - Possesses a dodge special
  • speedy - higher attack speed/attacks per round
  • furious
  • healthy
  • regenerating
  • berserking
  • champion
  • tough
  • wandering


Scaling is still being figured out. A spreadsheet is available here