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All words that appear in bold have in-game files which can be accessed by typing “genhelp <topic>” once you’ve joined the guild.

About the guild

The Gentech guild is based around scientific experimentation to add abilities to yourself for a variety of effects. The specific path through the experiments varies from Gentech to Gentech. Cooperation is also a key aspect of the Gentech guild, so Gentech should be prepared to help their guildmates and contribute meaningfully to the guild.

The Gentech Experiment Tree (External Link) lays out the paths a Gentech can take. Different experiments have different chances of success (which can be seen with the ratepowers command). Completing experiments determine your Division (Offense/Defense) and Class (Medical/Scientific/Engineering), but as long as you have the prerequisites, you can pursue experiments in any tree.

Guild experience is gained by using PU. Using the gsplit command diverts a portion of your gxp to Resource Credits which are necessary for increasing the phase of experiments.

In addition to PU, Gentech also have a stored power units (SPU) which have a maximum capacity of half your PU maximum. SPU can be converted to PU with recharge.


The Gentech guild is located in the southeast corner of Pinnacle. (cot,s,e,e,s,s,s,se)

Quick start guide

  • comm: chat on the guild line (and commhist for history)
  • genhelp: access the guild help files
  • ratepowers: shows you all the experiments, their current phase, chance of success, and cost. ratepowers complete will show you only completed experiments.
  • genhelp experiment tree: shows the Gentech experiment tree.
  • autoguild: toggles various abilities
  • gsplit: Controls how much of your gexp is converted to resource credits from 0 to 100 percent (in 10% increments)

In general, to get an an ability you must complete the appropriate experiment. Each experiment also has phases which can increase its effectiveness and unlock additional aspects. Once an experiment is completed, it occupies one of your experiment slots (you get one slot per guild level) until it's removed. Removing experiments requires completing an experiment (genhelp slot purge) so long-term planning is a good thing.

Gentech start with a single experiment (ionbeam) which will use some Power Units (PU) and Central Power Core (CPC) power to damage enemies. After that, you can go in any direction you like. When experimenting or increasing the phase of an experiment, it's always beneficial to have someone staff the Experiment Room if someone is available. Holding off experimenting until someone is around isn't unreasonable. Recently, an NPC staff has been placed on permanent duty in the experimentation room to improve success odds.

Early experiment path

Due to recent (2019) changes in making many experiments slotless, at low levels you may run into issues where experiments are too difficult for you to attempt at your current guild level. So, rather than a set path, here is a set of experiments to aim for that will give you a solid base of powers. You may need to skip guild levels until you're high enough to successfully complete each experiment. You should be able to complete all of these around guild level 10.

  • Ionbeam (this experiment is automatically granted when you join)
  • Biochem Analysis and Powercore: Biochem Analysis is the prerequisite for Powercore which will allow you to passively regen PU.
  • Engineering and Rec-chamber: Engineering is the prerequisite for Rec-Chamber which will allow you to reclaim SPU from corpses.
  • Advanced Combat and Synthorg: Advanced Combat is the prerequisite for Synthorg which is for damage.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Provides a small amount of healing over time by using PU. Started with the rush command.
  • Defense Systems and Ferrous DNA: Provides some defense by using PU. Started with the edna command.