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Starting out

In order to find and train a dog, you'll need to raise your reputation. You can raise your reputation by rescuing puppies from the Puppy Mill in Chaos (chaos,w,w,n,follow tracks). The Puppy Mill is a scaling dungeon and you'll need to deal with multiple aggro mobs in order to grab the puppies. Once you have them, you can "rescue puppy" (which costs 1,000 gold) to send the puppy off to be taken care of at the pound and gain some reputation. If you don't have the gold on your person, it will automatically be taken from your bank. Then, once you've raised at least 25,000 or so reputation, you'll be ready to adopt a dog of your very own.


Which breed of dog you want is up to your own personal preference and a purely cosmetic aspect of your dog. You'll need to wait until you find a dog of the specific breed you want (or find someone who can give you one they've found) since they're randomly generated in the Puppy Mill. Once you find the one you want don't rescue it. You'll need to bring it to the Pinnacle Pound and then purchase (with reputation) several biscuits to feed it until it grows into an adult dog.

Once your dog is an adult, it will start following you and assisting you in combat. You'll gain the dog command which will show you the rest of the commands available. Your dog is permanently attached to your character and you'll be able to pick it up from the pound whenever you log in. As your dog fights with you, it will gain experience and level up which will make it more effective and unlock new abilities.

Once you've adopted a dog, you can kennel it (at the Pound) before logout/boot. If you fail to do so, you'll take a reputation and dxp (dog experience) hit when you use the "repet" command to get it back. This also applies if your dog dies. Kenneling will mean you can retrieve your dog for a 500/day coin cost. Most people just let their dog vanish at boot and take the dxp hit since it's not much at higher levels.

"Dog" commands

  • dog feed - Will tell your dog to eat a corpse in the room. Eating will decrease your dog's hunger level.
  • dog pet / dog play - Will pet/play with your dog to increase its happiness
  • dog stats - Will show your dog's "score" screen
  • dog hp - Shows your dog's HP bar
  • dog monitor - Shows your dog's HP bar in combat (similar to your HP bar)
  • dog stfu - Quiets your dog considerably, this is mean
  • dog brief - Combat briefs your dog
  • dog name (requires level 2) - Names your dog
  • dog heel (requires level 5) - Tells your dog not to attack.
  • dog autofeed (requires level 7) - Tells your dog to eat whenever there's a corpse present if they're above 50% (by default) hunger. You can specify a different percentage when you set the autofeed.
  • dog stay (requires level 9) Tells your dog to stay where it is
  • dog dig (requires level 10) Have your dog dig around looking for interesting things (req lvl 10)
  • dog sicem (requires level 12) - Tell your dog to attack something first
  • dog drop (requires level 12) - At level 12, your dog has a chance to grab your corpse if you die. This will tell them to drop your corpse.

Doggie Combat

Pound Items

 #)  Item                                         : Rep Cost
---  ----------                                   : ---------
 1)  a doggie biscuit                             : 1000 +++
 2)  spiked dog collar                            : 250 +++
 3)  Squirrel Chew Toy                            : 150 +++
 4)  studded-leather dog barding                  : 350 +++
 5)  chain dog barding                            : 500 +++
 6)  plate dog barding                            : 1000 +++
 7)  Razorsnout                                   : 700 +++
 8)  Super Grip Footies                           : 700 +++
 9)  Irontooth Bite Guards                        : 700 +++
10)  Death's 'Fido Contract'                      : 100 +++
11)  DGH (banned in 39 countries)                 : 70000 +++

08:47 Space flaps : items cost what they are listed at
08:47 Space flaps : in terms of reps
08:47 Space flaps : maybe +++ means they cost coins too, like contract costs
                    100k coins + 1000 reps
08:47 Pertinax flaps : there are also rep thresholds that must be met to be
                       allowed to purchase the item. red = you can't buy
                       yet. green = you can buy. not sure about +++, but
                       items cost gold as well as rep. you can "list
                       <number>" for details.
08:48 Space flaps : I am not 100% sure tho
08:48 Rastafan flaps : +++ means additional "cost"  This could be coins
                       (usually) but it could also be an item, or items
08:49 Space flaps : ah yeah, like to give fido contract i believe dog needs
                    a collar

Dog Tips

If you don't already use it, grab a coffin from the morgue in town. It's easier to keep the dog fed if you can stockpile corpses.

Be careful about what you fight till at least level 5 when you can use "heel". Mobs that hit around or have room attacks can be bad news, especially for bigger characters because an attack that's nothing to you might blick your pup.

Giving an item to your dog will append (chewed) to its short description. This does not have any gameplay effect on the item but can be useful to help you distinguish one spawn of an item from another.

Dog Danger Areas

Several popular areas are not safe to bring your dog into due to area attacks or hitting around.


  • Tree of Life 2.0
  • Kayos Wars (random hit around attribute)
  • Abyss


  • Hotel Transylvania
  • Chessboard
  • Alphabet
  • Terra's Terrific Treehouse
  • Rimalkins