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On 3Kingdoms, equipment (gear) is not generally saved between sessions. If you quit (actually type 'quit'), you will lose your equipment. If you disconnect without typing 'quit', you go "linkdead" and will remain in a suspended state (with your gear intact) for approximately 24 hours. If a mud reboot happens (check "uptime"), you will lose your gear as if you quit.

While this may sound like a poor system for those coming from MMORPGs or Diku-style MUDs, 3-Kingdoms is more about character advancement than gear advancement. The progress you make in both your player level and your guild level are where your advancement comes from. Also, keep in mind that, depending on which guild you choose, you may not even need armor or weapons. Guilds that are dependent on equipment will have boxes were newer players can borrow equipment or their own specific guild armor you can use.

However, there are a myriad of situations where gear will "autoload".

General Cases

These items (should) always autoload

  • Your guild object
  • Your crafting satchel (with stash inventory intact)
  • Your profession objects
  • Your house keyring
  • Long-term quest items (scavenger hunt list, social network list)
  • Gold
  • Most chatlines (like your auction line)
  • Some special happy-fun items

If your guild object does not autoload, entering your guild's main entrance will usually restore it. If it does not, ask for help.

Others are special cases.

Special Case: World Drops

World drops will load with you either a certain number of times or until a specific reboot. These will be special drops and you won't automatically pick them up (but you do get a specific message that they spawned). Common ones are Aylin armors which last for a limited number of autoloads. Others will, when examined, give a specific boot number they will autoload through. They must be in your inventory and bound to you to autoload.

Special Case: You're under level 60

Anything you directly loot (either from a corpse or the ground) will autoload until you reach level 60. Once you hit level 61, those items will no longer autoload. Some powerful items will not autoload. Items you retrieve from bags brought to you will not autoload.

Special Case: Gearup

It doesn't technically autoload, but you will automatically use the "gearup" command and get some basic gear unless you toggle it off. Unwanted gear can be "crumble"d.