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ANSI Variables are variables which can be set to apply effects to text which is generally used to color text. Color use will be assumed for examples.

The 3-Kingdoms MUD-wide ANSI system is used through the "aset" command. By default, the "aset <ansivar> <color>" will automatically set <ansivar>_pref to <color> and <ansivar>_suff to the RESET ansivar which clears coloring and effects. <color> can contain a "+" which will combine the values and can include a regular text string. For example, "aset shout [SHOUTLINE]+BLUE" will result in seeing "[SHOUTLINE]Turnhold shouts: Going to bed now, it's safe to turn on your bots!" in blue text for the shouts. (Note: Turnhold never sleeps and is always watching)

You can what various ANSI colors look like on your terminal with the "ansi colors" command.

Below is a table of ANSI variables. In general, groups are: MUD, chatlines, guild (including guild chatlines), and misc (so far).

Group ansivar Description Notes
MUD armour When your armour breaks From "ansivars"
MUD attack Damage and hits that you do From "ansivars"
MUD attacked Damage and hits done to you From "ansivars"
chatlines gossip Gossip channel colours From "ansivars", Gossip line is defunct on 3k.
MUD kill Killing blows in the room you're in From "ansivars"
MUD inumbers Numbers incoming from combined VAFs From "ansivars"
MUD look_monster Monsters you see From "ansivars"
MUD look_weapon Weapons you see From "ansivars"
MUD look_object Objects you see From "ansivars"
MUD look_armor Armors you see From "ansivars"
MUD look_player Players you see From "ansivars"
MUD look_other Other things you see From "ansivars"
MUD melee Other combat in the room From "ansivars"
MUD notify People logging in and out (etc) From "ansivars"
MUD numbers Numbers outgoing from 'numbers' VAF From "ansivars"
MUD chatlines Party tells and messages From "ansivars"
MUD room_exits The exits from a room From "ansivars"
MUD room_long The long description of rooms From "ansivars"
MUD room_short The short description of rooms From "ansivars"
chatlines say What people say From "ansivars"
chatlines spouse Wedding ring chats From "ansivars"
chatlines shout Stuff people shout From "ansivars"
MUD soul All soul commands From "ansivars"
chatlines tell Tells you send and receive From "ansivars"
MUD watch Notify messages for 'watched' people From "ansivars"
MUD wimpy When you run away/wimpy From "ansivars"
chatlines professions "profchat" line
guild priest_rchant_avatar Priest "rchant" line
guild priest_bitch Priest "bitch" line
guild priest_achant_light Priest "achant" line
guild priest_chant Priest "chant" line, main guild line
guild priest_announce Priest announce line
guild priest_broadcast Priest broadcast line
chatlines explorer MUD "expc" line
chatlines hm MUD "hm" line
chatlines newbie MUD "newb" line
chatlines shout MUD "shout" line
chatlines lottery MUD "lotchat" line
chatlines house MUD "house chat" line
chatlines gshout MUD "gshout" line Shows up on 3k and 3s
chatlines omp MUD "omp" line
chatlines flapchat MUD "flapchat" line
chatlines eternal_main MUD "eternal chat" line
chatlines ctrade MUD "ctrade" line
chatlines crafting MUD "craft" line