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The 3k.org newspaper. It is distributed in-game, at the newspaper stands around Pinnacle.

If you have a great idea for the mud newspaper and would like to join a great team of reporters, the 3KP wants you! Speak with Vika for info, or Darrkin to officially join.

Do you have questions you're just dying to ask certain wizards? Gain the access that a 3KP reporter badge gives, and find those answers!

If you want some extra coins for your bank account, a fun chatline, and a platform for your own personal mud Manifesto, join the 3KP staff now!

We are a very casual group and will accept just about any idea you'd like to write about--either a series of articles on one topic, or something different every issue--it's up to you!

Our next deadline will be Friday, April 17, 2009!

Send your articles via mud mail to NEWSPAPER