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General Mud Damage Emotes

Note: There is no very good reason to believe these numbers are anything but estimates of actual mud damage. Use at your own risk!

 It has been noted that these damage numbers, especially in the lower ranges, are a bit off. This data
 thus requires additional testing. --Shadowspawn 05/04/09
Melee Emote *Approximate* Damage (as of 2008)
Missed you 0
Tickled you in the stomach 1
Grazed you 2-3
Hit you 3-10
Hit you hard 10-20
Hit you very hard 20-30
Struck you a mighty blow 30-55
Smashed you with a bone crushing sound 55-65
Pulverized you with a powerful attack 65-110
Trounced you up and down 110-160
Pummeled you into small fragments 160-210
Massacred you into tiny fragments 210-260
Utterly annihilated you 260-325
Completely devastated you with awesome force 325-390
Destroyed you 390-450
Absolutely massacred you 450-550
Thrashed you completely 600-700
Demolished you 700-800
Nearly exterminated you 900-1,000
Obliterated you 1,100-1400
Eradicated you 1,500-1,700
Decimated you 1,750-1,900
beat you like a rented mule [~2000-2300]
exsanguinated you [~2500-2800]
atomized you [~3000-4000]
beat you like a red-headed step child God help you.
drop-kicked you You're screwed.