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Crafting requires collaboration! Your help updating these pages is appreciated.


Because this page was so outdated and worthless I have replaced it with a combination of Park's and my information. If you really want the old info let me know I have it saved.


Ingredients for cooking is gathered by the farming career. To cook you need at least two different types of ingredients. You place the ingredient in the cooking pot (nw, n, ne, se, kitchen from Chavee) and a time from 0 to 30. You then name the recipe and cook it.

Each plant has a type of bonus that it gives. When combined you can get extra bonus or longer durations if you can balance the flavors you have combined.


From the cookpot:

  • insert <ingredient> at
  • remove <ingredient>
  • review [nice|brief]
  • name <recipename>
  • cook


List of flavours and shorthand notation

  • Bitter = B
  • Chaotic = C
  • Salty = Sa
  • Sour = So
  • Spicy = Sp
  • Sweet = Sw
  • Umami = U

Quality Messages

  • WOW!! That's delicious!!! = L3
  • Mmm, that's rather tasty! = L2
  • The flavours are a decent mix. It's not unpleasant. = L1

I beleive that the higher the level you get the better the extra bonus you can get for a recipe. L1 will just give you the combination of you ingreds. i.e. +1 dex from Afl sprout, +1 from eggplant. The stat can be higher if you hit a higher potency for that plant. THe extra bonuses seem mostly to be in the form of hp/sp regen both normal and overmax.

Fatness Affects

The better the food the more stuffed you feel.

Duration Messages

  • Oh, you're going to be tasting that one for a while. (Twice as long as the base) = D2
  • Hmm, that might hang around for a bit. (Base time) = D1

The Duration has bee normalized and lengthen. Right now seems to be between 3-6 hours in length for any 2 plant food.

Length seems to be 1-1.5 hours per plant in the cooked food x the duration level.

Cookpot Size

As you increase in chef ranks your cookpot will grow. This will allow you to put more plants into your recipes. Also the level of your plant has a size as well. They are sized to there level as well.

  • Chef 1 gives you a Small cookpot
  • Chef 10 gives you a Standard cookpot
  • Chef 31 gives you a Large cookpot.
  • Chef 51 gives you a Humongous cookpot.

Flavor Messages

Basic Messages

The below messages are the basic formation that a food gives you when you eat it. You can taste more flavors as you gain levels in cooking. From levels 1-5 you can not tell anything about flavors. Starting at level 6 you start to recieve the feedback when you eat a food.

  • This food tastes FLAVOR1,FLAVOR2,FLAVOR3,FLAVOR4,FLAVOR5,FLAVOR6 and FLAVOR7! = F1,F2,F3,F4<F5,F6,F7 = Not Seen
  • This food tastes FLAVOR1,FLAVOR2,FLAVOR4,FLAVOR5,FLAVOR6 and FLAVOR3! = F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6 = Not Seen
  • This food tastes FLAVOR1,FLAVOR2,FLAVOR3,FLAVOR4 and FLAVOR5! = F1,F2,F3,F4,F5 = Not Seen
  • This food tastes FLAVOR1,FLAVOR2,FLAVOR3, and FLAVOR4! = F1,F2,F3,F4 = Not Seen
  • This food tastes FLAVOR1,FLAVOR2 and FLAVOR3! = F1,F2,F3
  • This food tastes FLAVOR! and FLAVOR2! (Can have more than one) = F1,F2
  • This food is less than Four times as FLAVOR as it is FLAVOR2! = F2<4F1
  • This food is more then thrice as FLAVOR as it is FLAVOR2! = F2>3F1
  • This food is less then thrice as FLAVOR as it is FLAVOR2! = F2<3F1
  • This food is more then twice as FLAVOR as it is FLAVOR2! = F2>2F1
  • This food is less then twice as FLAVOR as it is FLAVOR2! = F2<2F1
  • There are more than one flavours in this food! = 1F (Literal)
  • There are more than two flavours in this food! = 2F (Literal)
  • There are more than three flavours in this food! = 3F (Literal)
  • There are more than four flavours in this food! = 4F (Literal) = Not Seen
  • There are more than five flavours in this food! = 5F (Literal) = Not Seen
  • There are more than six flavours in this food! = 6F (Literal) = Not Seen
  • There are more than seven flavours in this food! = 7F (Literal) = Not Seen

Plant Info

Each plant has a specific bonus that it gives.


Thus far the following effects have been seen:

fire, ice, and acid attacks ranging from neglible damage amount to 200/attack.
hp and sp regen, both overmax and regular
hp and sp healing, both overmax and regular as an instantaneous effect.
bonuses to all stats.

Apprentice Ingredients

Min Name Max Effect
1 white potato 3 str
1 broccoli 3 int
1 beefsteak tomato 3 wis
1 McIntosh apple 3 cha
1 yellow bean 3 dex
2 blueberry 5 con
2 green bean 5 Cha
2 zucchini 5 (dex)
2 roma tomato 5 int
2 valencia orange 5 str
2 raspberry 5 wis
2 red pepper 5 wis
2 red potato 5 int
2 green apple - (con)
2 Cauliflower - (con)
3 tangerine 6 Cha
3 peach 6 ?
3 orange pepper 6 con
3 nantes carrot 6 str
3 nantes orange 6 (Cold Damage)
4 snap pea 12 wis
4 new potato -- --
4 cucumber -- --
5 blackberry 8 ?
5 canteloupe 8 ?
5 navel orange 8 Fire Damage
6 eggplant 11 Int
6 blue potato 11 Cha
6 bosc pear 11 Fire Damage
6 jalapeno pepper 11 Wis
7 Red Delicious Apple 12 --
7 avocado 12 Con
7 yellow pepper 12 Str
8 alfalfa sprout 13 Dex
8 red plum 13 ?
8 mandarin orange 13 ?
9 boysenberry 13 Acid Damage
10 baby eggplant 14 Con

Level 11

English Cucumber: Str

White Plum:

Yukon Gold Potato:

Banana: Fire and Ice Damage

Level 12

Mottled Pepper: Wis

Level 13

Sugar Pea:

Level 14

Bartlet Pear: Fire Damage

Brussel Sprout: Dex

Level 15

Mango: Acid Damage

Honeydew Melon:

Wax Bean:

Level 16

Russet Potato: Dex

Green Grape:

Level 17

Gooseberry: Fire and Ice Damage

Level 18

Spaghetti Squash: Cha

Level 19

Asparagus: Wis

Cherry Pepper:


Level 20

Lychee: Cha

Level 21


Smurf Lettuce:

Level 22

Lentil: Dex and Fire Damage


Habanero Pepper: Str

Level 25

Kiwi: Wis

Pomegranate: Int and Cha

Level 28


Salmonberry: Str and Con

Level 30

Ginger: Wis


Level 32

Honey Sugar Apple: Con

Level 34

Tomatillo: Dex

Level 35

Bamboo Shoot: Cha

Pink Grape:

Level 37



Level 38

Yellow Carrot: Fire/electric/ice

Level 39

Guava: Acid Dam

Level 40

Quince: Lightning Dam

Level 41

Thimbleberry: Cha

Moth Bean:

Level 43

Chokecherry: Energy Damage


Level 45

Wasabi: Str/Acid damage

Level 47

Luffa: Int/Poison Damage

Level 48

Radicchio: Wis/Ice Damage

Level 49

White Celery: Dex/Fire Damage


Level 50

Kaffir Lime: Con/Wis

Level 52

Artichoke: Con/Dex/HP Regen

Ceylon Spinach:

Level 54


Loganberry: Dex/Con/Cha

Level 53


Level 57


Chickpea: Con/Int/Cha

Level 58

Papaya: Str/Dex/Con

White Gooseberry: Wis/Int/Cha

Level 60

Fava Bean: Con/Energy Damage

Passion Fruit:

Level 63


Level 64

Prickly Pear: SP Regen, Hp Regen


Level 66

Fennel: Dex, Acid Damage

Hubbard Squash: Sp Heal on eating, Sp regen

Level 67


Level 69


Pomelo: Maybe makes other things better?

Level 71

Buffaloberry: Maybe cold damage?

Level 72

Canna: Cha


Level 73


Level 73

Guar: Dex + Acid

Level 75

Bok Choy: Str + Fire

Cloudberry: Something, probably.

Level 76


Level 78

Chayote: Int + ice damage


Level 80

Magic Infused Pea:

Honorable Tangelo:

Level 81

Mechanized Broccoli: Light, fire, acid, and flame damage. (cold damage?), sp regen.

Cybernetic Lettuce:

Level 84

Mutato Potato:

Holy Onion: Con, Int

Level 85

Black Hatted Radish:

Level 86

Runed Chestnut:

Parched Pear:

Psionic Squash:

Mildly useful recipes

baby eggplant 15, mottled pepper 10: +4 con, +4 wis, 2 ohp/rnd(i think)
russet potato 15, mango 15:          +6 dex, 1 hp/rnd, 2.5 sp/rnd, acid
mango 10, gooseberry 10:             1 ohp/rnd, 1.25ish sp/rnd, 100+ fire, 100+ acid, <10 ice
asparagus 1, russet potato 1:        +5 wis, +3 dex, 1 hp/rnd, 2 sp/rnd
asparagus 30, gooseberry 30:         200 dmg ice special
lentil 5, salmonberry 15, 15:        +9 str, +9 con, +1 dex, 60/110 heal 
lentil 15, kiwi 15:                  +4 dex, +3 wis, fire damage 6 hours+
kiwi 5,salmonberry 15,15:            +9 str, +9 con, +3 wis, fire damge, SP overmax heal
luffa 10, wasabi 15,15               +13 str, +3 int, acid damage, poison damage (not checked for other effects).
Hon sug apple 20,kaffir lime 15 x 3  +15 con, +13 wis.

Other Cooking Pages

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