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Known Skill Trainers and What They Teach


X/Y and Z-X/Y

  • X: Maximum amount the trainer can teach
  • Y: Maximum amount in which the skill can be trained
  • Z: Minimum amount the trainer can teach
  • *: This trainer can teach to the max in this skill
 Example 1: Bob can train "Survival 1-5/7" means he can teach the Survival skill 
            points 1-5, but not the final two points to the max of 7.
 Example 2: Bill can train "Survival 4-5/7" means he can teach the Survival skill 
            points 4 and 5, but no other (1, 2, 3, 6 or 7).
 Example 3: Pete can train "Survival 1-7/7*" means he can teach all the Survival 
            skill points to the maximum of 7.


Alvin Andromanche, a sergeant in the Detroit Metro Police Department

  • Gun 5/5*

Note you'll need to get in the Department's good graces before he'll teach you.


Angriff, the Honorable Knight in the Lonely Keep

  • Sword 5/5*
    • Sword (other) 1-5/5 [3S]
    • Sword (physical) 1-5/5 [3S]
  • Shield (base) 1/1*
  • Shield (proficiency) 1-5/5*
  • Evaluation 1-4/4*

(There is also a trainer that wanders around town that can train anything that Angriff can. But you need to give him 1000 coins per train.)

Any Player

Any player can train another player up to 1/2 their own rank in any skill (rounded down)


Arundin, in the magic shop in town

  • Critical Hit 1-4/5


Asuraka, in Land2

  • Polearm 5/5

Note that as of 23-Feb-09, Asuraka is said to aggro to players of evil alignment. This *may* constitute a good-only alignment restriction on learning this skill point has an align check. (Or it is vaguely possible that he will unthematically train people he is currently trying to kill.)


Barrett, Woodsman of the Forest, in the Forest Cottage

  • Axe 5/5


Bess Ironmane, in the Enchanted Springs

  • Lance 5/5
  • Breastplate 3/3

Big Toe

Big toe in the big red shoe

  • Armor-Boots 3/3


Bron, the Blacksmith of Dragon Isle

  • Armor-Appraisal 3-4/4*

Bruce Lee

Can't say where to find this mob, so don't post location.

  • Bare Hands 5-10/10* (?)


  • Counterpoise 1-4/4*

Note that a high-level changeling (200+) will be required to train to max.


Cline, Lone Remnant of the C.R.C. can be found wandering the mainland of Science on 3scapes.

  • Disciplines-Power 1-3/3*

Crafting NPCs

The six crafting NPCs each teach their craft's mskill (3K only)

  • Crafting-[type] 5/5*


Cupid, in Myths and Fables

  • Bow (base) 5/5*

Cyborgs Guild

  • Disciplines-Power 1-3/3*

All three levels confirmed with a GL 72 Cyborg.

Pinnacle Doctor

A Doctor From the Disease Control Center in the Pinnacle hospital

  • Vigor 1-2/3


Donavich, the holy priest in Barovia

  • Exotic (base) 5/5*


Durantalist the master thief (quick), found on Devil's isle in Serinth

  • Dagger 5/5* master trainer

Elementals Guild

  • Disciplines-Elemental 1-3/3*

Note that a Spirit or Time Elemental will be required to teach all three levels.

Fremen Guild

  • Reflex 1-3/3*

Note that a high level (or perhaps high-specific-skill-level) Fremen may be needed to teach all three levels.

FTS Gang Leader


  • two-handed.physical 5/5*


Sir Gareth De'Lyonsbane, Paladin in the Abbey of Tyr

  • Shield (base) 1/1*
  • Shield (block) 1-5/5*
  • Armor-Greaves 3/3*

George Weathermay

George Weathermay, the ranger in Ravenloft

  • Survival 6-7/7* for non-evil players only

Note that as of 9-Apr-07, George has an align check. If you are mean or more evil, he will not train you. If you are nice or more good, he will. No word atm on true neutral.


Ghoti Challenge Arena

  • Mace 5/5 Master

Jacob Lifstren

Jacob Lifstren, in Pelt Traders (3S only)

  • Survival 1-7/7*

Note that he may require reciprocal gestures of friendship.

Jedi Guild

  • Disciplines-Metaphysical 1-3/3*

Note that a high glvl Jedi will be required to teach all three levels. Level 50 Jedi Knight was unable to train, but level 77 was able to train 1-3/3.

John McCabe

John McCabe can be found inside the shuttle in Outpost Helios (3S only)

  • Disciplines-Metaphysical 1-3/3*

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd, the former Street Judge wanders chaos in his "retirement" (3K only)

  • Armor-Helm 3/3*

Knight Guild

  • Shield (base) 1/1*


Note that specific info about this mob cannot be posted on public forums such as this. Don't add it, or Bad Things might happen. Also note you need to talk to him first.

  • Critical Hit 5/5

Mage Guild

  • Disciplines-Metaphysical 1-3/3*

Note that a high glvl Mage will be required to teach all three levels.

Master of the Silent Knife

  • Dagger 5/5* Master

Found in Crossbones Chapel area, near wforest portal. The Thief is a little tricky to find, in a damp location. Known for his taste in drow spidersilk garments.

Monks Guild

  • Dodge 1-4/10

Note a high glvl Monk will be required to teach up to 4/5.

Officer Richards

Officer Richards of the NYPD can be found at the police station on 23rd and Broadway.

  • Streetsmarts 1-?


Paculla, White Witch of the Vedma, wanders overland Fantasy. [Often found in the south of the eastern forest portal.]

  • Disciplines-Natural 1-3/3*


Rirar the Kangaroo, in Kareless Kanga's (3K only)

  • Armor-Gloves 3/3*


Rolan, the wise sage in town

  • Survival 1-5/7

Santa Claus

Santa Claus, in the Toy Factory

  • Armor-Cloak 3/3*

Sir Prilmas, Knight of the Obsidian Order.

Sir Prilmas is part of the group of four that wander the roads of mainland Fantasy (3K only)

  • Armor-Main 3/3*
  • Weapon-Disciplines-1h-Other 5/5*
  • Weapon-Disciplines-1h-Physical 5/5*


The town smith trains armor skills to 2 (3K only)

  • Armor-[slot] 1-2/3
  • Armor-Appraise 1-2/4


Steve the Grasshopper, in town

  • Dodge 5/5*

The Holy Priest

The Holy Priest of the 3 Kingdoms, in Pinnacle

  • Spirituality 1-3/3*


Tho-razin, in Gamal Islands

  • Dodge 5-10/10


Thrinkin, the master thief, in Katin

  • Packing (caching) 1-2/2*
  • Packing (smuggling) 1-2/2*
  • Fleecing 1-5/5*

Van Richten

Van Richten, the doctor wandering Ravenloft

  • Health (fortitude) 1-5/5*


Viggen Blindsoul, in the Dragon's Breath Pub in town

  • Shield (base) 1/1*
  • Bare Hands 1-4/10
  • Any Weapon 1-4/5
  • Some Weapons (other) 1-4/5 [3S]
  • Some Weapons (physical) 1-4/5 [3S]
  • Axe/Sword (two-handed) 1/1*
  • ? Axe/Sword (two-handed, other) 1-4/5 [3S]
  • ? Axe/Sword (two-handed, physical) 1-4/5 [3S]
  • Weapon-Disciplines-Other 1-4/5 [3K]
  • Weapon-Disciplines-Physical 1-4/5 [3K]

On 3S, clarification is needed on what weapon subskills (levels 1-4) Viggen does and does not teach. Currently it is known that he teaches Exotic subskills, but not Sword subskills. On 3K, these are not subskills, so that does not apply.

Witches Guild

  • Disciplines-Natural 1-3/3*

This is a historical note only, as the guild is closed, currently. See Paculla for current trainer.

Skills and Who Teaches Them

Unless specified, a trainer can train skills up to the maximum (or if they have a limit, none of the contributors have hit that limit yet.)

  • Armor-[slot] is taught by smith up to 2/3 (3K)
  • Armor-Appraisal is taught by smith up to 2/4, then to 4/4 by Bron (3K)
  • Armor-Boots 3/3 is taught by the big toe (3K)
  • Armor-Breastplate 3/3 is taught by Bess Ironmane (3K)
  • Armor-Cloak 3/3 is taught by Santa Claus (3K)
  • Armor-Gloves 3/3 is taught by Rirar (3K)
  • Armor-Greaves 3/3 is taught by Gareth (3K)
  • Armor-Helm 3/3 is taught by Judge Dredd (3K)
  • Armor-Main 3/3 is taught by Sir Prilmas (3K)
  • Armor-Maintenance does not require a trainer
  • Armor-Proficiency does not require a trainer
  • Armor-Use (Light/Medium/Heavy) does not require a trainer
  • Attack Speed does not require a trainer
  • Auction does not require a trainer
  • Awareness does not require a trainer
  • Caching is taught by Thrinkin
  • Carrying does not require a trainer
  • Cartography does not require a trainer
  • Counterpoise is taught by Changelings.
  • Crafting-* is taught by the applicable crafting NPC (3K)
  • Critical Hit is taught by Arundin up to 4/5, and the last point by Lyriac.
  • Disciplines-Elemental is taught by Elementals.
  • Disciplines-Metaphysical is taught by Mages and Jedi. On 3S John McCabe also teaches it at Outpost Helios.
  • Disciplines-Natural is taught by Paculla (previously by Witches).
  • Disciplines-Power is taught by Cyborgs. On 3S Cline teaches it in mainland Science.
  • Dodge is taught by any monk, lower monks to 2/5, higher can train to 4/5. Steve trains the fifth point on 3k, and Tho-razin teaches 5-10. On 3S it is also taught by Jueque (not Juewei) at the Red Lotus Temple, but he's hidden rather well. Jueque trains points 1-5.
  • Evaluation is taught by Angriff.
  • Evasion does not require a trainer
  • Fleecing is taught by Thrinkin
  • Focus does not require a trainer
  • Fortitude is taught by Van Richten
  • Free Cast does not require a trainer
  • Gemology does not require a trainer
  • Lore does not require a trainer
  • Magic Resistance does not require a trainer
  • Metabolism does not require a trainer
  • Mysticism ??? (3K)
  • Penetration does not require a trainer
  • Perception does not require a trainer
  • Reflex (3K) is taught by Fremen
  • Regeneration does not require a trainer
  • Smuggling is taught by Thrinkin
  • Shield is taught by Viggen and Angriff.
  • Shield-Block is taught by Gareth
  • Shield-Proficiency is taught by Angriff.
  • Spirit does not require a trainer
  • Spirituality is taught by The Holy Priest of the 3 Kingdoms (3K)
  • Streetsmarts is taught by Officer Richards (3K)
  • Survival is taught by Rolan to 5/7, and by George (non-evil only), and by Jacob (3S only)
  • Swimming ??? (3K)
  • Vigor is taught by the Pinnacle doctor up to 2/3 (3K)
  • Weapons: see below

How Weapons Work [on 3S]

Generally, the first 5 points are to get basic mastery of the weapon type. Then in the case of Axe and Sword, there is a potential to put 1 point into the two-handed style. Finally, you can put 5 points more into each of physical (E/B) and non-physical (other) damage. (Except for Bare Hands, which always does blunt damage, so there it is rolled into the base skill)

The first four points will be taught by Viggen. The fifth point of basic mastery will be taught by the applicable weapons specialist trainer.

Two-handed style will be taught by Viggen (Sword/Axe only)

The five points of Other or Physical damage type (or Bare Hands 6-10) will be taught by Viggen or the applicable weapons specialist trainer.

How Weapons Work [on 3K]

The first four points of each weapon are taught by Viggen. The 5th point is taught by the weapon specialist. (For Bare Hands, the specialist also teaches 6-10.) The specialists are the same as on 3S.

The disciplines (Physical/Other) are not per-weapon, but apply to all weapons. The first four points are taught by Viggen, and the 5th in each 1h discipline by Sir Prilmas.

Disciplines :

 Other             : 5/5   - Viggen to 4, Sir Prilmas Master
 Physical          : 5/5   - Viggen to 4, Sir Prilmas Master
 Two-handed        : 1/1   - 
   Other             : 4/5 - This master trainer is unknown. please find and update the wiki!
   Physical          : 5/5

Weapon Specialist Trainers

  • Axe : Barrett
  • Bare hands : Bruce Lee
  • Bow : Cupid
  • Dagger : Master of the Silent Knife & Durantalist the master thief (quick) - 3k
  • Exotic : Donavich
  • Gun : Andromache
  • Lance : Bess Ironmane
  • Mace : Heroki (Ghoti Arena) - 3k
  • Polearm : Asuraka
  • Sword : Angriff