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Artifacts are similar to World Drops except that they only work for specific guilds.

Bard Artifacts

  • Statue of a Rat Figurine: Summons some rats that occasionally enter combat with you and do a miniscule amount of damage.

Useful for: No one.

  • Sturdy Kevlar Boots: Allows bard to move a lightning vortex once it is cast.

Useful for: No one. AND they break.

  • A Dark Leather Flask: Something like 2 uses, returns voice to full.

Useful for: Newbie bards. Bards who have just given boosts.

Bladesinger Artifacts

  • Talisman of the Runemaster: This lets us inscribe a rune in a single round. Normal SP/GP costs apply. This is the most valued Bladesinger artifact and useful during "short" boots.
  • Circlet of the Coronal: This helmet has little AC, but it preps for twice the expected amount of rune slots based on your skill.
  • The tower shield of the Akh'Velahr: (currently bugged/nonfunctional).

Breed Artifacts

  • A Cloud Crystal: While its workings are a mystery to outsiders, it is known that it is particularly valuable to the Breed.
  • Prismatic Rune: It exists.

Changeling Artifacts

  • Prism of Antithesis (small vibrant prism): When 'engulf'ed it reverses the chaotic forces for the user. It can be 'repulse'd if this effect is undesirable.

Useful for: All Changelings

  • Polymorphic Energy Ball (slimy ball): Removes the cost to 'morph' into another form.

Useful for: All Changelings

Cyborg Artifacts

  • Overclock Chip (adhesive chip): Raises a Cyborg's effective guild level for a short time. Resets.

Useful for: anybody who wants to spend 20 seconds out of every hour being 10 guild levels buffer.

  • ORB (metal sphere): A weapon that can be wielded even if a Cyborg has a weapon implant in the right hand slot. Also, it does not have to be included in an attack pattern or strategy. It is also breakable.

Useful for: Anybody who wants an extra trounce every once in a while and doesn't mind spending 5k coins per hour to keep it not broken.

  • Portable Super Power Conduit (cylindrical device): If set on the ground, a Cyborg not in combat will have a boost to power regen.

Useful for: No one.

Elemental Artifacts

  • Minimental: Elementals can graft the minimental to themselves allowing them to wield a weapon and emit (guild damage) at the same time. It can later be ungrafted and given to another elemental to do the same.
  • An Element Lens: The consolation prize artifact, this allows an elemental to greatly increase their damage output for a very limited time.
  • Vortex Stabilizer: Adds to the storage capacity of an elemental's vortex by 10 items.
  • Emission Gem: Enables elemental to resolve 100% in any damage type their form supports.
  • Mystic Rift: Increases rebuild efficiency when in your inventory.

Fremen Artifacts

  • A weathered catchpocket: ??? Water storage +25%.
  • A sardukar harnass: ??? Allows you to wear a type of armour your stillsuit would normally prevent.

Gentech Artifacts

  • Chief Medical Officer's Module: Allows a gentech to change bias in the field at the Main Engineering rate (8%/tick)

Useful for: All Gentech.

  • Chief Science Officer's Crystal: Dramatically increases chances for experiment success and beneficial experiment effects.

Useful for: All gentech

  • Chief Engineer's Matrix: Prevents gentech efficiencies from changing.

Useful for: Gentech without repair experiments.

Jedi Artifacts

  • A glowing red crystal: HP and SP heals. Fragile, do not drop!
  • Cage covered in runes: Reduces Force saturation

Juggernaut Artifacts

  • Missile Chip: Gives six extra missiles/reset
  • Ammo Chip: Provides free ammo
  • Bio Chip: Triples the stat bonus given by the Juggernaut Medallion

Knight Artifacts

  • The Helm of Gama: In addition to providing excellent, unbreakable protection, the Helm of Gama also provides the wearer with +5 skill levels in Offense. It is only wearable by knights glevel 50 or higher.
  • The Shield of Keylon: The defensive version of the Helm of Gama, the Shield of Keylon grants its wear +5 skill levels in Defense in addition to superior, unbreakable protection. It is only wearable by knights glevel 50 or higher.
  • The Lance of Doran: An unsnappable, high damaging weapon, the Lance of Doren is great for mounted knights, providing +5 skill levels in Horsemanship. It can only be wielded by knights glevel 50 or higher.
  • The Sword of Lucanus: The footsoldier's variation of the Lance of Doran, the Sword of Lucanus provides excellent damage in addition to +5 skill levels of Footsoldiery. Unlike most of the other knight artifacts, the Sword of Lucanus may be used by knights below glevel 50.
  • Chalice of Tarin: The Chalice of Tarin provides knights with a soothing drink that serves to dispearse the strain of combat. The Chalice takes a long time to replenish itself, so it's best used when collapsing on the battlefield appears imminent.

Mage Artifacts

  • A Mages' Temporal Vortex: This artifact allows a mage to bypass the restriction of casting one defensive spell per round. It unfortunately has an on/off switch as well as a cool down period, making it useful in theory, but largely unpopular and disappointing, since one has to know that their defenses will double-drop or triple-drop before it happens. The clever mage can find uses for it despite this.
  • Superior Golem Materials: This artifact allows a mage of any size to summon a Diamond Golem, that is greatly superior to the regular golems. It was once subject of many giggles as it followed the same rules as standard golems, thus making it function identically, but look cool doing it. This has now been fixed -- the Diamond Golem is an excellent tank, and lacks the normal golem lifespan limit.
  • An Evil Looking Wand: This wand can be theoretically be used by a mage of any size, on any summon they please except Gate. This wand is a single-use item on a summon that permanently reduces its concentration (a Guild Limiter) use to 0, allowing the mage to use other summons or evocations. The mage should try to avoid dismissing the free summon, letting it die, or going LD (which causes 0 conc summons to dest). A Clone under the influence of the wand will dest after about two hours (but is otherwise quite good for GXP).

MS8 cnc ramping bug affects evil wands, so if you evilwand one, be sure NOT to fight hit-arounds, or you won't be able to de-sat with it.

Monk Artifacts

  • A Chromatic Sash: +5 speed to the monk who wears it, meaning +1 attack in tiger/phoenix, and greatly increased power in Dragon. Breakable
  • Platinum Lace Circlet: Reduces peace loss ever so slightly. Breakable.
  • Irridescent Incense: +1 light on kimono, lasts through logout/reboot for several days.

Necromancer Artifacts

  • A Dark Skull Key: (Necromantic Key of Passage) This item allows infinite teleports.

Useful for: All Necromancers/players requesting ports

  • A dark, cloudy glass sphere: (Necromantic Sphere of Power) Lets a necromancer force the repower of their guild object a limited number of times.

Useful for: All Necromancers

  • A Dark Leather Strap: (Necromantic Pledge of Agility) Allows a necromancer to use a shield or higher WC weapons than guild restrictions allow. Some people feel that this is the most common loading artifact but that remains to be tested.

Useful for: All Necromancers

  • A small grey stone: (Necromantic Stone of the Grave) Makes a limited number of [*****] (possibly weightless) corpses regardless of the class of the mob killed.

Useful for: All Necromancers

  • A cold platinum coin: (Necromantic Coin of Worth) Increases worth to 135%.

Useful for: All Necromancers

  • A crystal charm: (Necromantic Charm of Death) Confers full deathsave benefits (removes the restriction on number of corpses used per round for deathsave, and is said to give non-tiered necros absolute deathsave).

Useful for: All Necromancers

  • A shattered jaw bone: Allows conversion of a mob to undead once every 2.5 hours.

Priest Artifacts

  • Nectar of the Gods: One time consumption, it gives a +5 boost to the stat favored by your god.
  • Chalice of the Gods: +1 Mana regen when it is held.
  • Vial of Holy Water: Damages undead mobs, will need to be refilled with water, available from various sources.
  • Heart of Malykkar: Damage bonus only for priests of an Evil path.
  • Heart of Armgrimst: Protective bonus only for priests of a Neutral path.
  • Heart of Gailenia: (?? what effect ??) only for priests of a Good path.
  • Shroud of Saint Illyndus: One time use, 'raise shroud' for a full mana heal
  • Talisman of Planes: Prevent spirits from entering the realm from the priest's planeshift rift

Psicorps Artifacts

Psionatrix of *: Increases duration and effectiveness of the given area after you 'use' the artifact.


  • Clairsentience
  • Metacreativity
  • Psychokinesis
  • Psychometabolism
  • Psychoportation
  • Telepathy

Sii Artifacts

  • A Work Order: Decreases the time taken to merge into a form for all Sii.
  • Supercharged Blood Culture: Augments the strength of blood rush.
  • Mental Harmonizing Stimulator: Lessens the control drain of powers.
  • Ultrasonic Gestation Resonator (ultrasonic resonator): Causes broodlings from infested corpses to hunt and join your brood if you leave the room.

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