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                        Three-Kingdoms Professions                     

Players may join a profession which provides the player with a benefit that is themed according to each individual profession. For example, an 'arsonist' is more proficient with fire damage. Using professions a player may customize their play experience according to their own play style and interests.

Professions are divided up into minor, specialization, and major professions. Minor professions are typically passive benefits that trigger randomly if the player is able to meet certain conditions that vary according to each profession. Specialization professions are similar to minor professions, but are situational in nature. Major professions typically grant the player new abilities and are much more involved than minor or specialization professions.

A player is able to choose professions at the following levels:

 Level 20 : Minor #1
 Level 30 : Specialization #1
 Level 40 : Major #1
 Level 50 : Minor #2
 Level 60 : Specialization #2

In addition, all previously selected professions must be advanced up to level 35 or higher.

Seek out the Office of Professional Registration south, west, south, south, south, west, west from the Center of Town (west of the Bewitching Clearing) in Pinnacle!

MAJOR Professions: Major Professions Detailed

 Fieldsmith           :   A Lightning Infused Fieldsmith's Hammer (depleted)
 Golem master         :   Golem Master's Toolkit
 Herbologist          :   Herbologist's Garden Shovel
 Marshal              :   A Marshal's Standard (4 glowing gems)
 Reforger             :   A Reforger's Kit
 Transmuter           :   A Transmuter's Stone (blank)
 Trapper              :   A Trapper's Rucksack
 Veterinarian         :   Veterinarian's Scrubs

Minor Professions: Minor Professions Detailed

 Acrobat              :   Acrobat's Bodysuit (worn)
 Assassin             :   Assassin's Mark
 Fast healer          :   Tube of Healing Ointment
 Hoarder              :   Hoarder's Satchel
 Lucky caster         :   A Set of Glowing Dice
 Mystic               :   Mystic's Orb
 Tactician            :   Tactician's Manual

Specialization Professions: Specialization Professions Detailed

 Arsonist             :   Book of Matches
 Assayer              :   Assayer's Tasting Spoon
 Big game hunter      :   Safari Hat
 Biochemist           :   A Biochemist's Spectral Chromatograph
 Boxer                :   Boxer's Headgear (worn)
 Brawler              :   Brass Knuckles
 Drunken master       :   A Stein of Ale (empty)
 Electrical engineer  :   Electrical Engineer's Circuit Board
 Exterminator         :   Exterminator's Suit
 Firefighter          :   Fireman's Coat
 Hunter               :   A Hunter's Hat (worn)
 Lawman               :   Lawman's Badge
 Lumberjack           :   Lumberjack Suspenders
 Maceman              :   Set of Mace Spikes
 Magician             :   A Magician's Top Hat
 Misanthrope          :   A Copy of 'Gulliver's Travels'
 Shaman               :   Shaman's Totem
 Swordsman            :   Swordsman's Armband
 Triathlete           :   Triathlete's Iron Man Trophy
 Undead hunter        :   A Withered Finger
 X-ray technician     :   X-Ray Technician's Lead Coat