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Dungeons are areas of 3k which create a copy for you (and/or your closest friends) to explore and fight in without being bothered by other players. Some dungeons have the ability to scale which sets the dungeon level based on the scaler command. When you enter a dungeon, you're "saved" to a copy of that dungeon. You can use the dungeons command to see which dungeons you're saved to and with whom. You can also see a timer which will indicate how long it takes for a dungeon to reset. You must be out of the dungeon the entire time for it to reset; if you enter it, even briefly, the timer will be reset. Mobs can still normally respawn, but some dungeons have aspects (bosses, loot, and such) that will need to wait for an actual reset.

If you enter a dungeon at the wrong scaler level, you will be stuck with that level until the dungeon resets. Some dungeons (like Puppy Farm) do not reset until reboot, so double-check your scaler level before stepping in.

If you're in a party with someone, then the first person who enters will create the dungeon and the remaining members can enter the first person's version. This is handy if you need a dungeon smaller than your scaler range; you can find a lower-level player to create a lower-level instance for you. If you're already saved to a copy of a dungeon, you won't be able to enter someone else's copy (by partying with them) until your copy resets.

Non Scaling Dungeons

  • Anchorman (1-5M mobs)
  • Icy Blue Portal (lv 5)
  • Majong (lv 25)
  • Rimalkin
  • Smurfs (under scaler 100)
  • Bomb freaks abbey (under some scaler? at scaler 58: guards 16k, elite guards 23k)
  • Tree of Life 2.0
  • Fachan Village
  • Others

Scaling Dungeons

How dungeons scale depends entirely on the whim of wizard who coded that specific dungeon. Even at the same level, one dungeon may be easy while another may be near impossible. Consulting the respective wiki pages and experimentation is necessary.

scaler 0 will clear your scaler and any dungeons will be at your actual player level. scaler 1 will set it to the the lowest value in your scaler range. scaler 150 will set it to the largest value in your scaler range (150 is the maximum scaler level).