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Welcome to the 3K Wiki
Open info about the 3Kindoms Mud that anyone can edit
We are building a player-driven collaborative source for all knowledge, join us today!
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'All info posted is subjected to mud rules. If you would not say it on the mud do not post it here. Quest Info etc etc will not be tolerated in any shape or form.'

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Recent News

  • The Crafting Q & A for the 3kp is closed. Check out the 3kp in game, for Flaxen's responses!
  • Crafting is open, and needs your contributions!
    • Flaxen would like you to put crafting ideas here: CraftingToDo.
  • Medals have been added to the mud! Thanks go to Reality for creating this page.

3k Wiki Upgrades

  • All gems can now be annotated to include "smithed" stat bonuses.
  • Blacksmithing page now lists mouldings by Item Type
  • We've made the main page look nifty!
  • Area pages now automatically list any armours or weapons which link to that specific area page.

3k Wiki Feedback

  • We'd like your suggestions on how to improve this site. Things you'd like to see, etc.

Editing Help

We've put together some resources to help you learn the basics of wiki editing:

Note: You need to register an account to edit the 3k Wiki. Registering is free and easy. Simply click the 'create account' link at the top right of the page. Please keep your username the same as (at least one of) your mud characters.

Work in Progress

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