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                     A beautiful bird soars down from the sky 
                  and drops a scroll from Marlboro into your hands.
                =-=-=-=-=-=-= SO YOU WANT TO BE A BARD? =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

What is a Bard?

The Bards of the Three Kingdoms are a widely varied lot, but in the soul of each bard beats a passion for beauty and a desire for knowledge. Some choose to pursue this through the deadly songs of combat, while others choose to learn the pure forms of physical combat. Some practice the soothing art of instruments, while others choose to hide in the shadows and observe unseen, or to gather knowledge about the inhabitants of the realms, and the realms themselves.

Being a dexterous bunch of folk, Bards demonstrate physical prowess by attacking quickly and dodging the attacks of others. As they gain standing, their attacking and dodging becomes more quick and effective. In order to make their attacks more effective, they gain spells and powers that can lower a monster's defenses and songs that allow them to have extra attacks. Although a bard has the capability to be physical, that is only a very small sample of his skills.

Although a Bard's abundance of powers allows him to fight independently without problems, Bards can also perform to help other players. As they gain mastery, they can perform songs that can boost other players' stats for hours. Some have whispered that having a Bard boost your stats is better then getting a small wizard's stat boon. Bards may also help by healing others, giving others extra attacks, and acting as a solid pillar in a party.

There may be some who say that Bards are a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, they have not experienced the true powers of the Bards. With numerous powers you can play your character any way you see fit.


Songs are the life-blood of the Bard. There are powerful combat songs that can shoot giant balls of acid, stream magical blades covered in a toxic poison, or assault their enemy with body-wracking pain that does more damage every round the song is sung. On the other end of the spectrum, there are songs that can heal the Bard, other people, or all the people in a room. Bards can also make you smile to refresh your mind for a time based on their mastery. Some songs can cause vision to fail and terrify others so much that they flee. Others may knock a monster unconscious or even keep you from dying when you may have been blicked. Protection songs are also helpful in aiding to the tanking abilities of Bards. Using songs a Bard can produce almost any effect they had dreamed.

Bard Songs


Several spells are available to the Bard. They can cast protection from evil and good to help them fight against monsters of all alignments. There is a blink spell that can cause monsters to miss them outright as well as spells to cause monsters to be stunned or blinded. If they think they are going to be lost they could use their mystic thread spell to find their way. A mystical disc can be created and used to carry things in with the floating disc spell. There are also a variety of healing and damage spells that can be used while performing with an instrument for a more effective battle. Larger bards can even gain a clairvoyance spell that will allow them to see into rooms without having to venture inside.

Bard Spells


In addition to songs and spells, Bards have general powers they can use. Using their karma they can bandage themselves, anticipate blows, hide in the shadows, masque their appearance, and even enthrall monsters. They can also use their lore power to study equipment and find out it's strength and other useful information. The most destructive power of all throws them into a righteous fury which allows them to attack all of their enemies simultaneously.

Bard Powers

Career Paths

Of the two careers available, Gallant is more focused on physical attacks. Though both careers are nearly identical at the highest of guild levels, the main differences stand out more at the lower guild levels.

When you type 'powers' you'll see the list of powers available to you and the primary subguild they're associated with. A power that is associated with your career will come 3 guild levels earlier than it would for the other career.

Most Gallant powers are damage or protection based, so getting these 3 Guild Levels sooner could be quite beneficial. Additionally Gallants tend to get more physical attacks in a round, though it's not significantly more. Gallants have a higher dodge max.

If you choose Mystic as your career, ALL SPELLS will come to you 3 guild levels sooner than for the Gallant. In addition, Mystics get additional SP regen and a higher power and mana max.

In addition, each career has exclusive access to certain songs.

Gallant only:

34 Death's Law

41 The Electric Chair

Mystic only:

36 Shower of Light

50 Silent Lucidity

61 Death March

To choose which path you would like to follow, you can type: choose career gallant or choose career mystic

You may not choose a career until you've attained Guild Level 12.

Note: Choosing a career is *PERMANENT*, once you've chosen the career the only way to change it is to leave the guild and rejoin at guild level 1. However, you need not choose a career until you're absolutely certain of the one you want.

Important Notes

Bards are known to be epic idlers.

Bards smell of herbs and patchouli oil.